Forward to the Future: UFW Featured Things You Can Wear Now

133 "width =" 800 "height =" 600 "srcset =" 800w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px "></p><p class=Not colors, not styles or silhouettes, flat or prints determine the trends in modern fashion. There are two global trends, and they are related to how the fashion works, and not looks. The first and foremost does not get tired of voicing Demna Gvasalia regarding his Vetements brand: the main thing is things, how they are made, what emotions evoke, how long they want to wear, and how much they fit into our lives. The second trend is determined by a change of mood in fashion retail: brands declare a change of seasons and dream of creating a system when things go on sale immediately after the show. Taking two main trends into service, 23-59 chose items from the fall-winter 2016-17 collections of Ukrainian designers that should be worn now.

Double-faced Litkovskaya cashmere coat: the seams of the two-layer fabric are closed so that they are practically invisible – this makes it possible to wear the thing on two sides. A fabric of this quality is an eternal investment. In addition, she emphasizes other difficulties that add timelessness to this bilateral Litkovskaya coat. Absolutely unique cut of a sleeve: the combination of advertising and a cut-in sleeve gives volume and gives an ideal fit. And color: navy blue and beige, the main timeless shades for the right coat.

LITKOVSKAYA_aw16-17-16 "width =" 440 "height =" 660 "srcset =" 440w, 400w "sizes =" (max-width: 440px) 100vw, 440px "></p><p class=An image from the Litkovskaya collection fall-winter 2016-17

Bevza shoes, which were sewn in the main Ukrainian shoe production – Kachorovska Atelier. Closed, with a low heel, reminiscent of kitten-heels and a “shot glass”, with a high neckline of pumps, in plain satin, in a retro-cage or with a collection print created on the basis of photographs of unrepaired walls of Kiev porches. It’s worth stopping at the last one: it looks poetically, subtly reminds you only, and the shoes look elegant and unbanal. In the spirit of the times, the designer released the shoe line in free sale immediately after the show.


The image from the BEVZA collection fall-winter 2016-17

A double-breasted trouser suit of a pale blue shade of ARTEMKLIMCHUK, which opened the show. A perfect example of timeless style in a modern incarnation. Cropped trousers allow you to show expressive shoes, which are now more interesting to buy than just neutral ones. A non-trivial, but reserved tone makes the costume a universal soldier: in the office and at the cocktail, it is not boring and elegant – a thing that easily adapts to any lifestyle.

ARTEMKLIMCHUK_aw16-17-23 "width =" 440 "height =" 660 "srcset =" 440w, 400w "sizes =" (max-width: 440px) 100vw, 440px "></p><p class=Image from the collection ARTEMKLIMCHUK fall-winter 2016-17

Loose velvet robe Yana Chervinska amazing lavender shade in lurid colors and floor length. This dressing gown so expressively resembles a carpet-cover made of synthetic velor, artificial flowers in glass under crunching vases, which causes attacks of nostalgia for the departing past, in which there is always a place of sentimentality. Everyone who remembers the USSR will react to such a thing. In the wardrobe there is always a place for things from which passers-by will be joyfully surprised.

YANA-CHERVINSKA_aw16-17-9 "width =" 440 "height =" 660 "srcset =" .jpg 440w, 400w "sizes =" (max-width: 440px) 100vw , 440px "></p><p class=The image from the collection of Yana Chervinska fall-winter 2016-17

Denim Sasha.Kanevski Hoody Shirt. This is a hybrid of a denim shirt and jacket, a robe, a sports hoodie with a hood and a raincoat. An asymmetric thing with an elongated back and double cuffs looks ironic and bright, while it is very functional. From all types of clothes, the designer took the most useful: patch pockets, a comfortable raglan sleeve that does not restrain movement, a hood and button fastener. The thing is sewn from row-denim, which is not washed in water during the process of dyeing and which acquires individual and natural creases in the process of wearing.


Presentation of the collection Sasha.Kanevski fall-winter 2016-17

White cape Elena Reva. A thing for impression, mood and eternal life. White color makes any outfit elegant and correct – both evening and afternoon: it looks right for a cocktail, appropriate for an opera, and noble for a day. Cape is a historical form, time-tested. There is a lot of usefulness in its conditional inconvenience: gestures become restrained, movements smooth, become feminine. The length of the midi in the Elena Reva product gives it a less formal character, but still it has so much elegance in the classical sense that any sneakers paired with it will not look like a run for trends, but an individual style.

ELENAREVA_aw16-17-24 "width =" 440 "height =" 660 "srcset =" 440w, 400w "sizes =" (max-width: 440px) 100vw, 440px "></p><p class=The image of the collection Elena Reva fall-winter 2016-17

Sandal-colored LAKE wool and silk suit: extra long robe coat and wide leg pants. It has the comfort of pajamas and the formality of a trouser suit, the femininity of voluminous clothing and the severity of men's arrows on trousers and trench details. Solid-colored sets always look strong both in the afternoon and in the evening: in the afternoon they remind of plain-colored dress codes for formal tea parties. In the evening – about how important it is to choose a color different from the ubiquitous black. This is ideal: a warm shade of either the setting sun in the desert, or coffee with milk, or a ripe peach.


The image of the LAKE fall-winter 2016-17 collection

Silk flower dress Poustovit. Dress in flowers is a persistent genre, which, however, not all designers can make successful. Lilia Pustovit comes out, and for the 18th year in a row. Beige with modest bouquets, made graphically and in a Japanese manner, with a bow-tie in the throat, under the waist, made of silk with chiffon. At the show, they were stylized with Cossacks, less radical options allow a flat course and heel.

POUSTOVIT_aw16-17-35 "width =" 440 "height =" 660 "srcset =" 440w, 400w "sizes =" (max-width: 440px) 100vw, 440px "></p><p class=The image of the Poustovit fall-winter 2016-17 collection

Photo: Ukrainian Fashion Week

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