Forecast for the year: 15 life style trends for 2019th

While we were summing up the year, Pinterest analysts, lifestyle experts and coolhunters are already compiling lists of how we will dress, who we will take as an example, what we will eat, where we will fly, how we will arrange the dwelling and what we will love next year. We have reviewed these lists and are ready to share with you their main points.

Color of the year in clothes: sorbet

It is expected that monochrome and gold will finally come out of our wardrobes, and their place will be taken by cheerful shades inspired by sorbet: ice blue, milky yellow, pistachio green, which have already taken pride of place in the podium collections of the future spring season. In addition, of course, one should not ignore the main color of 2019, which proclaimed the Pantone color institute – coral.

Accessory of the year: beach decorations

Jewelry experts predict that among the jewelry next year will be even more popular small chains with pendants on the marine theme – seashells, sun, fish. They will complement the beach hand and anklets, small earrings and rings layered on each other. The secret is that typical beach decorations can be worn not only on the beach, but, for example, to a party under a cocktail dress or to work, combining them with a blazer and a T-shirt.

Source of inspiration: pop icons of the 2000s

We are no longer surprised at the cyclicality of fashion, but on the contrary – do not mind being upset. So, next year, the image of the pop icons of the 2000s will become a model bow. As a reference, use a photo of Christina Aguilera in cargo pants on the red carpet or images of Britney Spears in her best times – the period of the clip “Toxic”. Low rise pants and cropped tops will be in fashion again, can you imagine?

Styling year: wet hair

Top hair stylists say that wet styling was a trend in 2018, and is going to become even more popular in 2019. Experts say that the success of such styling is that it not only looks bold and fresh, but is also very easy to do, even at home. You just need to wash your hair and use one of the texturing tools.

Cosmetic ingredient: cannabidiol

Cannabidiol or hemp oil, which is contained in marijuana, does not have a psychotropic effect, but it has many therapeutic properties and is already used in the manufacture of cosmetics. Lip balms with cannabidiol have proven to be the best moisturizer, serums with the same ingredient help to cope with inflammation, and bombs for the bath provide incredible relaxation. Further, probably, it is worth waiting for a high-tech with this substance.

Main make-up trend: Gloss

Matte skin still can not find leadership positions. So, make-up artists proclaim a new wave of popularity of the glossy make-up, where only glossy, oily and shiny textures will be in fashion. From lipsticks and shades to tonal foundations that will make the face sparkle from all angles.

Main wellness product: oat milk

Vegetable milk has already become a global trend in gastronomy. We seem to be only accustomed to the taste of almond, as it seeks to replace oatmeal. It is said to contain more beneficial nutrients, protein and fiber, and it is also safe for those who suffer from allergies to nuts and lactose intolerance. So get ready next year to explore the flavors of coffee drinks on oatmeal.

Main fitness trend: focused training

Not bought a subscription to the gym or fitness studio for next year? No problem! Next year, experts predict that they will no longer go there. Instead of boring strength and cardio workouts, more and more focused classes are gaining popularity: yoga, Pilates, cycling, stretching, running, TRX, and so on. Everyone chooses what he likes more. In addition, it is expected that due to the employment there will simply be no time to go somewhere and study with the coach, home workouts will again come into fashion, as in the 90s when they were training on videotapes from Cindy Crawford.

Useful habit of the year: full sleep

No matter how hard the residents of big cities try to look after their health, eat right and play sports, failures in the body system give a constant lack of sleep. Therefore, doctors predict a more careful attitude to the daily routine, which would help allocate time for the required 8 hours of proper rest. On the same wave of popularity are gaining spa tools that help to fall asleep, and mobile applications that track its dynamics.

Drink of the Year: Vitamin Cocktail

The course on a healthy lifestyle dictates a new trend among drinks. Vitamin cocktails with additives of superfoods (such as mushrooms or nuts, for example), protein mixtures, fruit pressed into powder will become fashionable. In general, everything useful in one glass – this will be one of the mottos of the diet next year.

Main ingredient in food: mushrooms

Speaking of mushrooms. It would seem that an uncomplicated product promises to become one of the biggest gastronomic trends in 2019. And this is not surprising, experts say. Because they correspond to three major trends at once: upcycling – mushrooms are excellent natural processors, they are also a good source of adaptogens – they fight inflammation, strengthen the immune system and give energy. And mushrooms are a quality vegetable food, which even vegans include in their diet.

The main trend in the interior: accent wall

Interior designers also made their predictions for the next year, heralding that an accent wall will gain popularity in the design of spaces, perhaps with non-standard solutions: unusual tint, texture, pattern, careless notes in the form of undyed elements. In general, if next year you plan to repair, think about bright accents.

The main trend in the decor: neon

Neon signs and messages on the walls will also peak in 2019. Especially, this kind of decor will be in demand in the design of festive locations: at weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and social events, of course.

Tourist destination: Singapore

The boom in Asian countries is gradually fading away, and experts say that in 2019 everyone will want to be photographed against the backdrop of the spectacular scenery of Singapore. There is everything for a relaxed holiday and for photogenic shots: picturesque beaches, futuristic buildings, a backlit botanical garden and even an infinity pool on the roof. Copenhagen, Denmark, Meknes, Morocco will enjoy popularity with Singapore.

Tourist recreation: bicycles

Another micro-trend among tourism is in tune with the main global trend of lifestyle – more movement, less food. Earlier in our travels, we allowed ourselves to completely forget about sports and enjoy the delicacies of local cuisine, but now cycling is becoming more and more popular, which allows us to explore the area and burn extra calories.

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