Feminism in fashion: where to get dull T-shirts with capacious utterances?

Women in the fight for their rights finally began to achieve success. It could not help but notice the fashion industry, which, in general, worked for many years to objectify them. Today, these stereotypes are crumbling. And girls are not afraid to declare their dreams, rights and desires, even through clothing. We tell how it happened, and what t-shirts you should pay attention to be in trend.

A bit of history

Feminism as a current became popular in the late 19th century, building on the concept of equal rights for men and women, and calling for women to be given the right to study and work. The second wave of feminism came in the 60s with an agenda to equalize the social and economic rights of women. Now society is at the peak of a new round of feminism, calling for stopping sexual violence through media, advertising and photography. The second is that women can wear whatever they want to wear. And at the same time be as successful as men, be it work or everyday life. Fashion and feminism go hand in hand, forcing people to change their worldview, and ceasing to perceive women as sexual objects. It doesn't matter if she is dressed in a hooligan masculine costume or a cute flowered dress. Coco Chanel said that there is no woman, if there is no dress. Now it becomes obvious that the dress may not be, but there is always a woman. And she can be dressed in anything or even naked, while having the right to be heard.

Feminist expressions in fashion

T-shirts, proclaiming feminist remarks, a few years ago were popular only among student nurses. Who would have thought that someday they would reach the podiums? The first was not afraid to do it, Maria Grazia Curie, who two years ago at the show Dior released models in sequined skirts on the catwalk, which complemented the usual basic T-shirts with the words “We Should All Be Feminists”. T-shirt, the price of which reached a staggering 700 dollars, was a real success in social networks. In it were seen such stars as Natalie Portman and Rihanna.

In the following seasons, the brands Jonathan Simkhai, Prabal Gurung with messages on “The Future Is Female” and “Nevertheless She Persisted” took note of feminist remarks as a successful fashion show. This season, bold statements on the podium became the rule rather than the exception. And despite the fact that there are critics who question the feminist position of those who are trying to combine the “Girl Power” T-shirt in one bow with new stilettos or leather trousers, it cannot be denied that in general the fashion industry has begun to get rid of stereotypical thinking . Now you rarely see a brand that advises women to dress in such a way as to emphasize their sensuality and sexuality, and seduce a man. On the agenda – clothing for strong, courageous, self-sufficient women who need to feel comfortable, and not to fight for the attention of the opposite sex.

If you are ready to meet the spring, proclaiming the world about their rights, we found several brands with an interesting concept and funny inscriptions on T-shirts.

The outrage

The outrage brand appeared at the suggestion of the My sister exploitation ends here women’s organization. The founder of the company explains the emergence of the brand with the eloquent title “Outrage”: “We believe in the right to be outraged and we use this outrage as a catalyst for action. We believe that no one can suppress our emotions for the sake of the comfort of anyone. We are outraged. " It is noteworthy that the brand produces a variety of clothing and accessories with a feminist promise that can be worn not only by women. For example, their collection has a unisex T-shirt with the words “Stop Toxic Masculinity”, which is also bought by guys. The brand has a lot of things that have something to say – from earrings with the image of the icon of feminism Beyonce to T-shirts “My body is my choice”.

Where to order: www.the-outrage.com

Cynthia Rowley

The New York brand Cynthia Rowley is comfortable clothing with the concept of pretty-meets-sporty for every day, as well as for swimming and surfing. In March, for the International Women's Day, T-shirts for true city scouts appeared in the collection of the brand, as the brand's designer claims, with a very life-affirming message “Girls with dreams.

Where to order: cynthiarowley.com


Daring brand Wildfang calls itself Robin Hoods in the female appearance. They steal the most comfortable things from the men's wardrobe – sweaters, cardigans, sweatshirts, blazers, and transfer them to their wardrobe, bringing hooligan notes there. Thus, the brand has a whole line of T-shirts, sweatshirts, children's clothes, hats, and also souvenirs (candles, notepads, playing cards) Wild Feminist with a bright slogan in the most prominent place.

Where to order: www.wildfang.com

Feminist apparel

The creators of the Feminist Apparel brand are confident that feminism is for everyone. And building a space for feminist dialogue is now more important than ever. This is what the guys are doing. Their collections are devoted to various topics: gender, masculinity, street harassment, care for and love of your body, activism, immigration, etc. For each theme, collections of basic clothing and ironic slogans are produced. Agree, “Unlearn sexism” is an important statement that you make others think about, sitting in a cafe or walking to work in a cute T-shirt.

Where to order: www.feministapparel.com


In general, the company OEUF, created by a married couple Mike Ryan and Sophie Demange, focuses on the development of children's goods – furniture, clothing, toys, indoor decor. The collection of the brand has tiny things for girls with the motivational inscription Girls are strong. But the brand decided that now, when girls are so passionately fighting for their rights, this slogan will be quite relevant to adult women's T-shirts.

Where to order: oeufnyc.com


Bulletin is a community of women's brands created by women themselves, despite the difficulties that arise when ordinary people without financial support try to start their own business. It is not surprising that some of the products of Bulletin are powerful women's appeals. Go Away pants with different legs, a Bitch necklace or a Women Rule Everything Around Me T-shirt – these women are not afraid to say what they think. Besides calling on us all.

Where to order: bulletin.co

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