Feast of the belly: the most delicious and healthy pasta from nuts and seeds

Today, July 23, the gastronomic world celebrates Peanut Butter Day (yes, there are no such dates in the USA) to remind the world that happiness lies in the details, and for a good mood, sometimes you just need fragrant pastries with nut paste and chocolate. We decided that this is an excellent reason to eat something tasty, but at the same time – to find out what useful properties nut nuts and pastes from different seeds have, and why it is important to dilute the diet with them.

Peanut paste

No wonder peanut butter sandwiches are one of the most popular snacks for schoolchildren in the United States. The classic peanut butter contains many useful elements: polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are responsible for cell renewal and growth, strengthening joints. Vitamins of group B, PP, E and K and minerals, among which is a high content of magnesium and zinc, which means that peanut paste is especially useful for those who play sports. It strengthens the immune system, increases stamina and stabilizes blood pressure. Also, the product is rich in antioxidants, which, we do not get tired of repeating, are useful not only for the health of the body, but also for the youth of the skin. And peanut paste is an excellent source of protein, which is well established and quickly saturates the body. But this is a plus and a minus product. It is worth remembering that peanut paste is a high-calorie product, 100 g of which contains 587 kcal. Therefore, despite all its properties, nutritionists do not recommend eating more than 1.5 tablespoons per day. And then, it is provided that you are not trying to lose weight. Another disadvantage of pasta is that it is contraindicated for people who are allergic to all kinds of nuts or peanuts in particular.

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Almond paste

Minala paste also boasts a composition rich in vitamins D, E, B6, folic acid, provitamin A, calcium, sodium, phosphorus, iron and copper – and this is only the beginning of the list of useful substances. It is believed that this composition of the paste helps in the prevention and control of atherosclerosis, normalizes the bowels, and is also a diuretic and choleretic agent. The only minus of almond paste, like peanut paste, is hidden in its high caloric content – approximately 614 kcal per 100 g. Therefore, it can sweeten your daily diet in the amount of 1-2 spoons per day, but you should not get involved in it and perceive it as an alternative to dessert.

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Cashew Paste

Compared to other types of nuts, cashews are distinguished by a large amount of B vitamins in the composition, so cashew paste has a positive effect on metabolism and blood cholesterol levels. And iron, calcium, phosphorus and zinc help in the fight against anemia, diseases of the digestive tract and hypovitaminosis. Cashew paste contains about 575 kcal per 100 grams, so, as with other nut products, you should be careful with it. In addition, this paste is dangerous to the diet with diseases of the liver and kidneys.

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Hazelnut paste

The filbert is famous for reputation of one of the most useful types of nuts which in Ancient Rome was considered a symbol of health and force. So, indeed, the composition of hazelnuts boasts a high content of potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, zinc. Therefore, hazelnut paste is attributed to such abilities as improving brain function, enhancing memory functions, normalizing sleep and the nervous system, and cleansing toxins and toxins. Also pasta is a preventive measure against cardiovascular diseases and cancer. But all these useful properties are accompanied by super-high calorie, even in comparison with other nut pastes – 677 kcal per 100 gr. pastes are encouraged to consume it in tiny doses. But it can be added not only to desserts, but also to snacks, as the savory taste is harmoniously combined with cheese, vegetables, meat products.

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Walnut paste

In addition to vitamins and minerals, walnuts are known for being rich in alpha-linolenic acid, with a higher content than steel nuts. Therefore, walnut paste improves brain activity, soothes and relaxes the nervous system, boosts immunity and contains beneficial fats that help strengthen the cardiovascular system. It is curious that in a paste of walnuts a little less calories than in the other nut pastes – 438 kcal per 100 grams. Therefore, you can afford to eat more of it than others.

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Sesame paste

Sesame paste – the leader in the amount of calcium among the other pastes, and thus contributes to the beauty of hair and nails, tightens and strengthens the skin due to vitamins and fatty acids. In addition, sesame paste has a tonic effect, removes toxins and slags from the body, stimulates the liver and gall bladder, helps with diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and even depression. As for caloric content – sesame paste contains about 586 kcal per 100 grams. At the same time, it is often recommended to use athletes, as it helps in building muscle.

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Coconut paste

Coke paste is an excellent detox product that lowers cholesterol due to its lauric acid. Fats useful in it, medium chain triglycerides, relieve the liver and speed up metabolism, and dietary fibers gently cleanse the body and remove toxins. Calorie coconut paste varies around 354 kcal per 100 grams, but due to its miracle properties, it is still considered a diet product that promotes weight loss, if you use it not with banks, of course.

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Poppy Seed Paste

Poppy paste is considered to be no less useful than peanut counterparts. It contains a high concentration of vitamins A, D, C, B, E and other elements, and helps in the treatment of asthma, whooping cough, insomnia, some digestive disorders, and also improves body functions during severe physical and mental stress. Also, poppy paste is used as a sleeping pill, antitussive, anthelmintic and painkiller for serious diseases. 525 kcal per 100 g of product warn that it is important not to overdo it, as with other pastes. 2-3 tablespoons of pasta a day is enough to improve health and not harm the figure.

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Hemp Seed Paste

Hempseed pasta is not inferior to nut products in terms of protein content, therefore it is a superfood in the menu of healthy diet adepts. Despite the ambiguous reputation of hemp, the seeds used to make pasta do not contain any psychotropic substances. Thanks to vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids and essential amino acids, hemp paste reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attack and stroke, strengthens blood vessels, preventing the development of atherosclerosis, improves kidney function, relieves fatigue and irritability, increases efficiency and endurance. 587 kcal per 100 g of product – a decent price for a list of useful properties.

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