Fashionable results: 10 most stylish films of 2016

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The American edition of Vogue ranked the best films of the year in terms of costume designers. Despite the fact that some of them will be released in Ukraine only after the New Year, we recommend that you remember this list and add the mark “must see” to it. And those that are already available for viewing, will be an excellent occasion to spend an evening on Christmas holidays.


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Costume Designer: Cho Sang-hyung

The Korean melodrama “The Handmaid” was marked by festival judges and audience sympathies, thanks in part to the grandiose oriental costumes of the 30s of the last century that the costume designer Cho Sang-jung worked on. The plot of the film is built, among other things, to demonstrate class inequality. And without the appropriate costumes, this abyss could not be transmitted. Red kimonos and corsets of European dresses, sapphire earrings and other jewelry – all this added special chic to the main character – the rich Japanese girl Hideko, who was scammed by a scam.


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Costume Designer: Medlin Fontaine

Jacqueline Kennedy is not just a historical figure and style icon of her time. She is a separate page in the world history of fashion. Therefore, the artist Medlin Fontaine had to work hard to recreate the spirit of the era in the biopic of Pablo Larrain's “Jackie”. Together with a team of costumers, she turned to the Chanel and Dior fashion houses to recreate the iconic book costume in which Jackie Kennedy was on the day her husband was murdered and the funeral costume in which she was at the president’s funeral. Fontaine also studied the archives of vintage ateliers, such as La Compagnie du Costume, to authentically and meticulously create robes in which the country's first lady once conquered all world magazines.

La La Land

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Costume Designer: Mary Zofrs

Musicals are just that kind of movie genre, when costumes and sets are no less important than the storyline. Especially if the main character is a starlet designed to win men's hearts, as in Damien Chazell’s musical drama La La Land. Costume designer Mary Zofrs undertook to make the heroine of Emma Stone truly unforgettable. She hired designer David Wosco to work, not to lose sight of a single detail. So, for example, Stone needed to work hard on the iconic yellow dress of the heroine, so that his folds would fly off in the picture when the girl was dancing.

"Sign of the night"

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Costume Designer: Jacqueline West

In Ben Affleck's crime drama Sign of the Night, Sienna Miller and Zoe Saldana are almost unrecognizable. Costumer Jacqueline West dressed them with sparkling sequins dresses, complemented by retro hairstyles with shiny rims and bright makeup, reminding the audience what the stars of the 1920s were – the era of gangsters and glamor.

"Love and friendship"

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Costume Designer: Aimer Nee Mhaolddomnay

The success of costumed historical paintings is always 80% dependent on the work of the costume designer. Therefore, the “Love and Friendship” by Wit Stillman, based on the novel by Jane Austen, received praise from viewers, not least because of the magnificent dresses with corsets, for which Aimer Ny Mhaolddomnai was responsible.

"Good guys"

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Costume Designer: Kim Barrett

The 70s is not the most significant decade for men's fashion. But designer Kim Barrett did everything so that the heroes of Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling looked colorful, bold and appropriate in Shane Black's crime comedy "Goodfellas." Crumpled costumes and colored leather jackets complement the characters in the movie. At the same time, the costume designer diluted the retro era with some “timeless” clothing samples, which, incidentally, were removed from the actors' closet.

“Under the cover of night”

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Costume Designer: Arianna Phillips

The film, directed by designer Tom Ford, simply could not help but get into the rating of the most stylish paintings of the past year. Despite the fact that many expected to see the costumes of his authorship in the frame, the costume designer Arianna Phillips surprised everyone, abandoning not only Ford designer clothes, but also any other fashion brands. Costumes for the actors were created specifically for each hero, and was sewn in the atelier of the designer.


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Costume Designer: Brenda Moreno

Justin Tipping’s fascinating cross-country adventure story tells what you can do for a pair of coveted Air Jordan sneakers. In addition to a funny story about how shoes can change a teenager’s life, costume designer Brenda Moreno has done everything to make the painting an excellent source of inspiration for street fashion lovers.

"Personal buyer"

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Costume Designer: Jürgen Doering

The heroine Kristen Stewart in the new detective drama Olivier Assayas "Personal Buyer" does not like her work as a personal celebrity stylist. But it is this position that gives her the opportunity to dress in dream dresses from Chanel and Vionnet.

Neon Demon


Costume Designer: Erin Benach

Even when models turn into bloodthirsty cannibals, they should look amazing. So, costume designer Erin Benach was responsible for this in the new fashion horror film by Nicholas Winding Refn “The Neon Demon”, dressing vampire girls in catwalk designs from Giles, Emporio Armani and dazzling dresses from Saint Laurent that you can watch forever.

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