Expensive and strange: unusual products from famous brands

Fashion brands can surprise both in a good way and vice versa. And recently, they are increasingly producing products that are, to put it mildly, strange. What is a bag a la IKEA from Balenciaga, Scotch tape from Raf Simons and a bag-bag Helmut Lang. To consider this topic more extensively, we have collected other novelties that we especially remember this year.

Against the backdrop of luxury products, this accessory will seem incredibly affordable, because it costs only 13 pounds (about 449 hryvnia). The Topshop brand, known for its extraordinary design (remember plastic jeans?), Introduced a lunch bag. Yes, yes, this is a paper bag, quite tight and with a magnetic clasp. And considering that it is really reusable, it justifies its value.

The French brand Hermes is one of those who can sell anything to their fans. Even the stones. Yes, recently a brand new product appeared on the brand’s website – a pebble paperweight worth $ 840. Representatives of the brand claim that each stone is unique and complemented by a calfskin strap. Okay, you’ve justified the price, but for what else $ 800?

Last year, a brand with an extraordinary Vetements style introduced a very interesting accessory – a grinder pendant. In other words, it is a marijuana chopper. The use of prohibited substances has never been so stylish. Only here you have to pay for chic, and the price of this unusual decoration is $ 750.

Representatives of Louis Vuitton know all about beautiful life, who have long been not limited to the release of only clothes, shoes and accessories. So if you like not only the famous LV monogram, but also whiskey, then this portable mini-bar, worth 39 thousand dollars, will definitely touch your soul. For this money you will receive a gilded case, the necessary utensils, a thermos and ice tweezers.

And now about the office. Do you like luxury trivia? So your work files are definitely missing the Prada clip created for the Barneys New York store. Paper clips measuring 6.25 x 2.25 cm are made of silver and made in Italy. You can buy the product for $ 150.

Christian Louboutin also prepared a surprise for its fans by releasing a passport cover designed in the best traditions of the fashion brand. An accessory made of leather and with a metal design will cost £ 196.

Fans of expensive trifles will also like the find from Gucci – a fan made of bamboo and silk, decorated with signature floral motifs. 300 euros – and he is yours.

Well, for dessert, we immediately have two necessary accessories in the household from the luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana. Planning to fly to warmer climes? Do not forget to bring a beach towel, which, of course, is presented in the range of the brand at a price of $ 640.

What could be more glamorous than a Sicilian-style towel with a D&G tag? Only headphones from the same brand, whose rich decor dazzles no less than their price tag. By paying 3325 euros, you will enjoy the music really beautifully. We would even say scary beautiful.

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