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In the cycle of saturated days, when no matter how much you work, things still remain a lot, the weather does not contribute to a joyful mood, and even the first cold syndromes push depression, you have to look for positive on the Internet. Today, when the national comic day is celebrated in the USA, we have found several accounts with funny illustrations that will always bring a smile, get a statement right to the point, find words that you could not find and remind you that any life situations should be perceived with a sense of humor.

@chuckdrawsthings 47.3 thousand followers

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Addis, chuck extensions (@chuckdrawsthings) 28 Ber 2018 r. about 1:24 PDT

A pigeon named Chuck gathered an arsenal of subscribers, because he behaves like a normal person – suffers from the blues, lack of self-confidence, increased anxiety and can not get rid of the habit of postponing things for later. When, instead of a mountain of work, you begin to watch the next series of the series (promising yourself that this is the last) or when an attack of inspiration and productivity passes faster than you have time to do something – all these situations are ironically illustrated in your account. Familiar, right?

@ 157ofgemma 216 thousand subscribers

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Addis, extensions Mochi & Gemma Gené (@ 157ofgemma) 12 Cher 2018 р. about 8:50 pdt

Jenna Gene is an illustrator originally from Barcelona, ​​who now lives in Brooklyn. Her account of the stories in the drawings appeared after the puppy Uchi burst into her quiet, calm, family life. Now he is the protagonist of her comics, telling how it feels like to be a pug mistress – when all the goodies go not to her husband, but to her pet, and even on clean clothes you can always find the hair of your pet.

@catanacomics 1.5 million followers

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Addis, Catana extensions (@catanacomics) 28 Black 2018 р. about 9:15 pdt

A girl named Katana also ironically illustrates her life and relationship with a bearded boyfriend, with whom she is trying not to behave like a 13-year-old schoolgirl. But sometimes she fails. The desire for attention to themselves, minor insults, different views on the style and reasoning about the high. Let's admit, sometimes we all, regardless of age, wake up jealous little capricious.

@haha_ski 498 thousand followers

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Addis, hahaska extensions (@haha_ski) 23 Ver 2018 r. about 3:00 PDT

Another character in colorful comics, which supposedly tells about our life – Husky Karl. He always losing weight, looking for a vital purpose, gets rid of depression, suffers from a lack of money, enjoys simple things and always finds a reason to drink a glass of wine.

@poorlydrawnlines 1 million followers

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Add, extensions Poorly Drawn Lines (@poorlydrawnlines) 19 Ver 2018 р. about 9:13 PDT

Incredibly funny stories in pictures created by artist Reza Farazmand. Laconically depicted heroes and dumb absurd situations in which the world around is still recognizable. Some account subscribers warn that such humor is not for everyone, but only for “introverts, misanthropes and cynics”. But there were a million of them like Reza.

@georgedrawz 40.9 thousand followers

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Addis, George George (@georgedrawz) 8 Ser 2017 p. about 8:02 pdt

22-year-old George is a typical representative of the Millennial generation and describes his life in funny sketches. Like most people at his age, he is tormented by the search for his business, his home, money and love. So if it seems to you that everyone is doing well except for you, just scroll through George’s comics and feel that you are not alone.

@gus_brand 41 thousand followers

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Addis, extensions Gus (@gus_brand) 25 Ver 2017 p. about one to six PDT

Charming Gus, who sincerely, delicately and accurately notices moments from life, has long been a star of the Internet. The author of the whole brand, under which you can now order souvenirs with the image of the Goose and his quotations, says that bird stories about different features of what is happening around and injustices between people are so real that many simply see themselves in these situations. That is why Gus, who is not shy in expressions, has become so popular that his images are sent to friends and not only, and the utterances in the Ukrainian language instantly spread out into quotations.

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