Enzyme powder, frosty white lipstick, New Year collection and other beauty novelties

Firming emulsion with mushroom extract, enzyme powder, New Year’s makeup collection, primer for preparing the skin for make-up, shampoo shower gel with strawberry aroma – we will tell you about all the most interesting in our review of beauty novelties.

Seventh Collection of Bloggers and Organic Kitchen (price upon request)

15 bloggers took part in the creation of the new collection, including TV presenter Aiza Dolmatova, beauty expert Nastya Fursa, makeup artist Aryuna Tardis, makeup artist Yulia Ismailova, blogger Chuma Party, singer Christina Luna, “Russian Rapunzel” Dashik Gubanova, columnist Wonderzine and Buro 24 / 7 Christina Farberova.

The line includes CC cream, enzyme powder, highlighter cream for face and body, corrector for the area around the eyes, lip balm – a total of 100 different products.

A separate collection for children, Organic Kitchen Baby, has appeared, which includes a baby cleansing foaming cream, shampoo-shower gel “Strawberry Kingdom” and baby bath foam.

New Year’s collection Frosted Firework, MAC (from 1 550 rubles per product)

The new MAC collection is inspired by a fabulous holiday atmosphere and colorful fireworks. Already, you can create a New Year’s mood with products with shimmering finishes, red lipsticks, shadows for perfect smoky eyes, liners with a metallic effect and products for a naturally glowing make-up.

The Foil Shadows palette includes five eyeshadows in luscious silvers and shimmery smoky pinks. The three Powerpoint Eye Liners are available in two pearlescent shades.

Metallic hues have become the main trend this season – from shimmering accents on the skin to rich amber shadows and bright golden baroque details.

– says Massimo Meller, Senior Makeup Artist in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Our favorite is the frosty white Lipstick and the Lipglass in an unearthly dusty pink shade that gives the lips an icy shimmer.

Face mask Hydro Masque Exfoliant, Dermalogica (5 354 rubles)

What do we do when our skin feels dry? Most often we use a moisturizing mask. And if the complexion becomes dull, then the choice falls on a scrub. According to experts, in fact, dehydrated skin needs not only hydration, but also additional exfoliation.

Exfoliation in this case stimulates cell renewal and helps nourishing ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. Dermalogica has just released a 5-minute Hydro Masque Exfoliant, which simultaneously exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. It contains bamboo and snow mushroom, phytolipids from jojoba, sunflower and safflower seeds, sugar beet and cucumber extract.

Primer Secret Shield Protective Smoothing Primer SPF50, Dolce & Gabbana (5 540 rubles)

A photogenic white pipette bottle with a gold damask pattern contains a universal primer from Dolce & Gabbana Beauty Secret Shield Protective Smoothing Primer SPF50. It prepares the skin for make-up, makes pores less visible (like Photoshop) and gives the skin a natural glow.

The product is based on the Mediterranean Glow complex, which is familiar to fans of the brand, made from cotton and Mediterranean pistachio extract, vitamin E and silicon dioxide (it is responsible for the mattifying effect). The primer comes in a universal shade and is suitable for all skin types and tones.

Firming emulsion Megamushroom Emulsion, Origins (2 690 RUB.)

Origins has expanded its renowned collection of mushroom extracts and introduced a novelty for stressed skin. The firming emulsion promises to revitalize the skin with sugarcane squalene, jojoba and chamomile oils, fermented chaga mushrooms, cordyceps, reishi and coprinus (all types of mushrooms). After the first application, they relieve redness, and with prolonged use, they strengthen the protective barrier.

The calming effect is enhanced by a complex of essential oils – organic geranium, orange, tangerine, patchouli and lavender.

Moisture lipid-restoring cream Moisture Surge Intense, Clinique (1 750 rubles per 30 ml)

The brand’s experts are so confident in the effectiveness of Moisture Surge Intense that they tested it in the extreme conditions of the Siberian winter. It does everything it needs to: moisturize for 72 hours, restore the lipid layer and soothe.

It contains antioxidants, asiatic centella, hyaluronic acid, aloe water and caffeine. Ideal for very dry, dry and combination skin types.

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