Eco mode: 10 cool stuff from recycled materials

Fashion is in the top 5 productions of the world, which cause the greatest harm to the environment. Therefore, over the past few years, the direction of sustainable fashion, which is responsible for environmental fashion and conscious consumption, is gaining momentum. But if earlier there were very few brands that are trying to save the planet and at the same time dress it, and the quality and appearance of their products left much to be desired, then today there are many large and not very brands that make beautiful things with meaning.

We have selected 10 brands with an interesting approach to production, where you can find trendy things from recycled materials.

Backpack Solgaard

The Solgaard brand aims to repair the damage people have caused the planet. And they decided to start with plastic, showing everyone around how to turn a loss into a profit. The company creates bags and suitcases exclusively from oceanic plastic. At the same time, the design of accessories is designed to help you stay productive and efficient on the go. For example, a brand backpack is equipped with a special locking system that protects against thieves, an ordinary device, a pocket for a laptop, protected from falling, and many small details that help optimize work outside the office.

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Triarchy Denim Jacket

Denim brand says about its mission: “We are trying to save the most important resource of our planet by reducing the mass consumption of water for making our favorite clothes – jeans.” Denim, from which the brand sews things, is a combination of wood and pulp from sustainable forestry. Much less water is spent on its production than on the production of traditional denim fabrics. That is why a denim jacket from the brand collection can be a special exhibit in your dressing room.

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Dress Charlotte Bialas

Paris-based designer originally from Sweden, Charlotte Bialas has always been interested in finding rare fabrics with an unusual print. In 2012, she launched her own brand, where she combines business with pleasure – she sews clothes in the spirit of recognizable Parisian chic, while using recycled fabrics purchased at antique fairs, auctions and old warehouses and factories. Flying chariot-print cocktail dress looks unusual and unique. At events you are unlikely to meet someone in the same.

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Knitwear Bethany Williams

Designer Bethany Williams has found another original way to sew bright clothes, but not to harm the environment. The brand has developed a special system of exchanging fruit and vegetables for waste with food users. Then the same waste, as well as recycled cardboard, the brand uses to produce fabric from which it sews collections. 30% of the profits are donated to continue the exchange cycle and get the opportunity to create things and handmade materials. Knitted jersey from the designer's collection is created just from such recycled materials.

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Overalls Doodlage

Eco-brand Doodlage is sure that instead of growing cotton and using a huge amount of water to produce enough fabric for one T-shirt, you can use more economical materials. Or, for example, did you know that more than 70 billion barrels of crude oil are used to produce polyester every year? The creators of the brand constantly monitor information, encouraging consumers to more consciously approach to shopping. The brand itself offers alternative clothing from eco-cotton made from eucalyptus, bamboo, orange, corn fibers. For example, a jumpsuit with appliqué is an example of how a fashionable thing can be stylish on the outside and beautiful on the inside, without hiding terrible secrets behind its production.

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Re bag; code

Their collections are brand Re; code is made from industrial materials discarded due to defective products. They also use recycled fabric, which once served as a material for an airbag or car seat. In the collection of the brand you can find clothes and accessories for every day, differing in conceptual design. As, for example, bags of geometric shape.

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Paltier Bundgaard Nielsen

Besides the fact that the brand produces clothes from recycled fabric – a mixture of flax and cotton, it has an interesting concept for the approach itself. In the era of fast fashion, this brand offers basic things created using special templates and patterns that allow you to look perfect on different types of shapes. And the quality of the product guarantees its long life. A brand against the abundance of clothing, the creation of which spends a lot of materials and labor, and which still needs to be changed every season. Therefore, the Bundgaard Nielsen has a “1.0 cycle dress” that can be worn forever. He has additional seam allowances that allow him to tailor his clothing to fit his individual fit. In addition, the dress comes with thin, removable underarm pads that can be washed separately, thus avoiding frequent washing that has a negative impact on the environment and on the clothing itself.

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Tunic Fade Out Label

Fade Out Label also proved that it is not necessary to use kilometers of new fabric to create bright clothes with a current design. They produce their models from previously used or vintage materials, combining responsible processing and innovative technologies. And absolutely all models of the brand are developed in a unisex format – women's dress can be simultaneously a man's tunic.

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Rubymoon Surfing Suit

A symbolic approach to creating clothes chose the Rubymoon brand. Specializing in the creation of swimsuits, suits for swimming and water sports, he decided to use in the manufacture of fabric from the waste of oceanic plastic. Among millenialov suits for surfing the brand has already gained popularity.

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Suave Backpack

Suave is the inspiration for a new life. The brand works with used traders, factories and tanneries, where it produces materials from untreated fabrics and defective leather. From this fabric, the brand creates colorful accessories – backpacks, wallets, covers for gadgets.

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