Dress in the style of Nadia Dorofeeva

Nadia DorofeevaNadia Dorofeeva

The second half of the duet “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva remains “On Style” not only in the clips and on the stage, but also in everyday life. Inspired by the pictures of the singer from Instagram, we tried to catch the main components of her images, and tried to repeat them.

In an interview with one of the publications, Nadia Dorofeeva describes her style as trash-glamor, where in principle there is no taboo, and there is a place for any, even the most daring combinations. Moreover, the girl does not change this rule either on the set or in real life. Yes, outside the cameras, her images are less shocking and flashy, but still bright, with a hooligan chic inherent in her work. Cheeky ripped jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts with a catchy print, bomber jackets and oversized jackets, voluminous coats and multi-colored sneakers – these are the things that can often be found in the singer's outlets.

Nadia DorofeevaNadia Dorofeeva

Nadia embodies her own style with It’s My DoDo. In his collections you can find the same comfortable, casual things understandable and sporting things that the singer herself prefers. But from the banal everyday wardrobe they are distinguished by colorful details – an unusual color scheme or unbanal message in the form of an inscription on the back, for example.

Leafing through the photos on the social networks of Nadia Dorofeeva, we decided to take note of several of her characteristic images, and tried to repeat them using the same or similar in style things.

Jeans, a T-shirt, sports shoes, a denim voluminous jacket with a print reminiscent of graffiti on the walls. Convenient, but at the same time quite memorable bow, a tomboy-note to which is added a bandana tied to the head.


BUDDU BITCH jacket, Bershka bandana, Zara jeans, L.A.P.T.I. shoes, Mango t-shirt

Ripped jeans, a white top – on this win-win ensemble of things, the image could be completed, and in it one could calmly get lost in the crowd of a big city. But the star is supposed to shine and stand out, so the base bow complements the Nadine’s summer coat.


It’s my DoDo & JEALOUSY cloak, Bershka top, Zara jeans

Simple jeans and a T-shirt look cute, but simple enough. Therefore, a pink bomber and the same glasses are designed to correct the situation.


Stradivarius bomber jacket, FURLA glasses, Mango jeans, United Colors of Benetton t-shirt, adidas shoes

Outfit's grayness is easy to brighten up with just one thing – for example, a sweatshirt with an ironic cartoon applique, which immediately makes the image unbanal, adding to it a cheerful mood.


Studio Fashion sweatshirt, Stradivarius shoes, It’s my DoDo coat, Ohaina knee-highs

Be that as it may, a relaxed street style is not appropriate in all situations. Therefore, sometimes the singer chooses more conservative things – like a pantsuit, for example. But even in such cases, she does not look bored, betting on a delicate pink color. And its severity of silhouette brightens up with laconic white sneakers.


Zara costume, Sayya top, Sasha Pikula bag, adidas shoes

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