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Today, on International Women's Day, we are considering the style of one of the most famous Hollywood feminists and activists who defend the rights of women – Emma Watson.

Today, Emma Watson is almost no longer associated with the excellence girl from the Harry Potter saga, but for the actress this is important – after all, none of the stars wants to remain hostage, albeit a successful but unique role. To get out of the image, but of course, work in new interesting projects that she chooses with special care helped to remain the idol of millions of Emma. But to a greater extent, she helped to move to a new career level by participating in UN programs, in which she advocates for gender equality and calls for women to be heard, especially in today's difficult times.

Naturally, social activities could not but affect the appearance and style of the actress. Her outputs over the past year have become more elegant, minimalistic and even conceptual. In her wardrobe now you can not meet deliberately sexy dresses, flashy prints or outrageous accessories. And that is why the actress's exits cause us even more intense interest. After all, by her example she shows how you can look bright in black and white things. Therefore, we decided to try to repeat the last few exits of the star as part of the promotional film adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. You can follow them on a separate Emagram page of Emma, ​​which we already spoke about, by the way.

In everyday images, the actress relies on conciseness, comfort and relaxation of the image. Therefore, she chooses a win-win monochrome range, oversized silhouettes of outerwear, sports shoes. But so that the bow does not look too careless, Emma completes it with an accessory – like a black beret, which immediately adds a touch of French chic to her.

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Beret byMe, Mango coat, Nuances sweater, Bershka jeans, adidas sneakers

For a walk, date or a meeting with fans, for example, a star chooses dresses. But, again, if this is not an outfit for an official event or a red carpet, then this is a very restrained image. For example, a dress of a free cut, a leather biker jacket (appropriate almost always and everywhere) and lace-up boots with socks that add some comfort.

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Grass dress, Sammy Icon socks, Pull & Bear jacket, Zara bag, Vagabond boots

And even for special occasions Emma Watson increasingly prefers trousers to dresses, moreover, you can endlessly experiment with this wardrobe item without fear of looking bored: classic trousers with arrows, pipe trousers, pipes, culottes, architectural flared trousers, not to mention overalls . As for the palette, in public events, the actress, like in everyday ones, does not change the time-tested black and white combination, with the exception of rare cases. Emma’s latest releases as part of the Beauty and the Beast promotional tour show that such a gamut can be very unbanal if it is emphasized by unusual details in a cut – cropped trousers that open the ankles and playful cutouts on the shoulders of the blouse.

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Zara pants, Zara blouse, Salvatore Ferragamo sandals

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