Diane Kruger in a bright swimsuit on the beach in Los Angeles



Diane Kruger

If 44-year-old Diane Kruger falls under the sights of photographers, then more and more often in the company of her 51-year-old lover Norman Reedus and their daughter, who will turn two in the fall. However, yesterday she was caught alone – having arranged a day off, the star went to one of the beaches in Los Angeles.

Diane Kruger

Appearing in public, the actress, of course, could not help but attract attention. First, she chose a very bright multicolored swimsuit that clearly stood out from the other beach outfits. And secondly, she showed a slim and fit figure.

Diane Kruger

A couple who lives in New York recently arrived in Los Angeles – here the lovers spend their holidays and enjoy a beach holiday. Kruger’s personal life is not covered, so you can only learn about her maternal everyday life from the chronicles of the paparazzi. In this sense, she herself is extremely cautious and, if she shares personal, then very carefully. The last frame from her Instagram, in which she captured her daughter, is proof of this.

Daughter of Diana Kruger and Norman Reedus

How can it be that one tiny person needs so many things?

She wonders.

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