David Beckham is obsessed with his wife Victoria’s makeup. His favorite remedy is her brand’s bronzer VBB.

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

David Beckham, 45, considered by many to be the most handsome man on the planet, turns out to be obsessed with beauty products from VBB, the brand of his wife, 46-year-old Victoria. He especially loves to use a bronzer. Posh Spice tests cosmetics on his wife, calling him his “best model”.

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

I just got a message from David that he is out of serum. David really likes her

– Victoria admitted during a live broadcast on Instagram.

David Beckham with his wife Victoria

The former Spice Girls member was referring to her £ 180 rejuvenating serum. Victoria’s business partner at Victoria Beckham Beauty, Sarah Creel, said that the footballer also loves to use bronzing powder.

David is a big fan of VBB,

– she admitted.

Last year, David showed up with blue eyeshadow during a flashy photo shoot for Love magazine. The former England captain has previously spoken openly about using his wife’s beauty products, including lip balms and moisturizers.

David Beckham

My approach to grooming has always been to steal my wife’s products. I always knew how I wanted my hair to look and stuff like that. I lived in Manchester, then in Madrid, then in Los Angeles: all these cities have different weather, because of this I had to take care of my skin. So I used to carry beauty products from my wife, because I know that she only uses the best,

– Beckham said in a 2018 interview with IntoTheGloss.

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