Daddy's daughters: the most moving films for Father's Day

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On the eve of Father’s Day, which will be celebrated this Sunday, we made a selection of the most interesting, touching, ironic and non-banal films about the relations of completely different fathers and their daughters. Perhaps in some scenes you recognize your family, in some – no, but they are all definitely worthy of attention. Enjoy watching!

Fathers and Daughters, 2015

The complex and thought-provoking drama Fathers and Daughters, Gabriele Muccino, talks about how relationships with parents become the starting point of a person’s future destiny. The plot of the film consists of fragments of the past and present main character Katie, where in the past she is a 5-year-old girl who has become the whole universe for her widower father. His love and care could replace her with the whole world, but soon the man was struck by a complex mental illness, and he had to give his baby to the care of relatives, and to go for treatment himself, from which he was no longer destined to return. For Catti, the loss of her father becomes a heavy blow, and in the present, when she has already become an adult and beautiful girl, she has to deal with childhood emotional injuries in order to be able to love someone else, and not live memories of the past.

Shot from the film "Fathers and Daughters"

“Father of the Bride”, 1991

The comedy "Father of the Bride", which has become a classic, can be reviewed endlessly. This is one of the most moving films about family ties, parents, and growing up. In the story, the 22-year-old beauty Annie brings her groom to her parents' house and announces her upcoming wedding, which shock her father, for whom she is still a baby with playful pigtails. Now, the grouchy dad will have to plunge into all the details of the difficult preparation of a magnificent celebration for his princess, which entails many problems – organizing a holiday, financial expenses, meeting future relatives that he obviously does not like … But what’s even more difficult – by the time he will lead his daughter to the altar, he needs to come to terms with the fact that she is already quite an adult, and that he is no longer the only significant man in her life.

“Somewhere”, 2010

Sophia Coppola, the heiress of the star dynasty, does not often please the audience with her directorial work, but when she does this, no one is indifferent. So it happened with her tape “Somewhere”, which at one time took the Grand Prix at the Venice Film Festival. Despite some arthouse flair, which is attributed to the festival cinema, this film is completely simple, understandable and concise. He talks about the average Hollywood star Johnny Marco, whose life is a solid celebration, like all celebrities: photo shoots, fans, an endless stream of girls in bed, drunken parties, tedious press conferences. But he had long ceased to revel in his fame, feeling only emptiness and loneliness in his huge room of the legendary Chateau Marmont hotel. In the meaninglessness of similar days, his 11-year-old daughter Cleo suddenly appears, with whom he is extremely rare, and who should live with him for a while. This fact is not that it suddenly changes Marco’s life, but it makes him look at himself from a different angle, feel responsible, understand that there is something else outside the familiar and boring world.

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Descendants, 2011

Another story about how you can have everything and feel lonely is the ironic drama of Alexander Payne's “Descendants” with the magnificent George Clooney in the title role. Here he plays a successful lawyer and landowner in Hawaii, Matt King, who, for the sake of a career, is estranged from his family – wife Elizabeth and two daughters – 17-year-old Alex and 10-year-old Scottie. Who knows how much longer he could have lived such a stable but detached life, if not for the intervention of fate. After a tragic incident, Elizabeth falls into a coma, and in addition to this shock, Matt finds out that his wife had a lover. After reviewing his views on his life, he abandons everything, takes his daughters and sets off in search of his rival in order to get a chance to become, finally, a good husband.

The Twisted Ball, 2012

The sports drama Twisted Ball tells the story of a baseball scout of an honorable age, which Clint Eastwood himself embodies on the screen. He devoted his whole life to sports, raised many champions and was not going to retire. But the disappointing diagnosis – progressive blindness – made adjustments to the hero's plans. Before going on vacation, he decides for the last time to go to the tournament in search of future baseball stars. To secure his father, the adult daughter Mika is going to accompany him, with whom the coach does not have a smooth relationship. As a child, he tried to impose his interests and ambitions on her, and when this did not work out, he simply moved away from the girl, putting everything only on his career. Of course, Mikey does not give a damn about her father, so for several days spent with him, she is trying not only to support him, but also to establish relations with him.

Shot from the film "Twisted Ball"

"My dad is crazy", 2007

Fathers are different, sometimes they are very eccentric. But, as you know, parents are not chosen. This is also understood by the main character of the adventure comedy “My dad is crazy” – 16-year-old Miranda, who from childhood could only rely on herself. Mom left her many years ago, and dad is always “a little greeted,” and therefore ended up in a mental hospital. But now he was discharged, and he again has grandiose plans to improve his own life. While Miranda is working on several jobs to feed herself, her father is obsessed with finding treasure in California. To find the alleged treasure, he needs help, and he calls his daughter with him. Miranda, oddly enough, agrees to her old man's scam. Not because he believes in his crazy idea, but because he wants to try to make up for lost time with his dad.

“When I Live My Life Again,” 2015

Another indie drama with a touch of comedy is “When I Live My Life Again”. Here once the famous pop singer Paul Lombardi in his old age is intoxicated with the desire to return to the stage. His relatives – his wife, eldest daughter and son-in-law – have little faith in the old man’s venture, but do not tell him out loud. And he does not pay attention to their sarcastic views, because what do they understand in music? Another thing is his youngest daughter Jude, a rebel by nature and a talented musician who, due to personal circumstances, returns to her home and is forced to “babysit” with her father, helping him in a strange undertaking. At the same time, she does not hide that she considers the father’s idea stupid, and refuses to believe not only in his success, but also in her personal, when the ambitious dad pushes her to the path to the big stage.

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