Cozy time: Instagram accounts to help you fall in love with autumn

Sudden changes in the weather, morning fog, early evenings, lack of sun and high spirits are not very conducive to autumn becoming a favorite season. But instead of succumbing to the blues and counting the days before the holidays to warm countries, you can try to enjoy the moment and look at autumn from the other side, following the advice of Elchin Safarli: “Autumn is the time of reflection, hands in pockets, mulled wine in the evenings and pleasant melancholia ". We found several atmospheric accounts that confirm the words of the writer.

@autumn_ilove 46,5 thousand followers

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Addis, 🍁🍂🎃Fall in love with fall🍃🍄☔️ (@autumn_ilove) 5 Zhov 201 р. about 2:29 pdt

Did you know that love for autumn is a scientific fact? Here, for example, Katherine Lively, a professor at Dartmood College, conducted a study that proved that weakness in front of plaids and cocoa is another behavioral model that has been embedded in us since childhood. So tea with cookies, leaves rustling underfoot, warm socks, crunching of firewood in the fireplace – all this seems to us cozy just because it reminds us of something native and warm from childhood. If you are indifferent to all this autumn romance, then either in your childhood there was nothing remarkable that would connect you with the poetic comparisons of rain outside the window, or you simply forgot about them. And to refresh your memory, there is an account with the saying name "Autumn, which I love."

@thehalloweencollector 17 thousand followers

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Addis, extensions Laura Lee (@thehalloweencollector) 11 Zhov 2018 r. about 5:02 pdt

If everything you love autumn for is a Halloween party where you are accustomed to gathering a lot of guests and surprise them with soul-chilling decor, then Laura Lee's account, which also loves the autumn holiday and has been collecting vintage decor for years, is just for you .

@hygge_for_home 149 thousand followers

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Add, extensions R E E N A (@hygge_for_home) 14 Ver 2018 р. about 7:04 pdt

Hugge Scandinavian philosophy has not just become a trend of recent years, gaining more and more popularity, especially in interior design. A beautifully furnished house and nice little things like fur pillows, a woolen blanket, a set of aroma candles, an old chest or a garland are sometimes just what you need for complete happiness.

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Add, spreads f r e y j a – Autumn Lover 🖤 (@addictedtoautumn) 8 Ser 2018 p. about 9:06 pdt

What films, books, places and quotes most let you feel the beauty of autumn – knows Freya Bjork, author of the account @addictedtoautumn. On its page you can find the most quaint decor for Halloween, delicious pastries for a seasonal table such as pumpkin pie, pancakes with honey or cinnamon rolls, the most fascinating and photogenic autumn interior, as well as childhood memories that can become references to your family photo shoots.

@therealpsl 36.9 thousand subscribers

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Addis, extensions Pumpkin Spice Latte (@therealpsl) 30 Ver 2015 р. about 1:43 pdt

"The official account of the official drink of the fall," – this is the description of the page devoted to pumpkin latte from Starbucks. There, a drink in a traditional recognizable cup with a famous logo acts as a typical blogger, and wearing orange glasses, talks about his everyday adventures. Walking through puddles, preparing for Halloween, harvesting, going to a movie, camping, party at a nightclub, riding a bike, reading a book in the park – looking at how a cup of pumpkin latte spends its leisure time in various ways, you can involuntarily start envy him. On the other hand, this is a great opportunity to be inspired by autumn leisure and choose entertainment, if you don’t know what to do with the usual October day, like today, for example.

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Addis, extensions Kiel James Patrick (@kjp) 4 Zhov 2018 r. about 5:52 PDT

Kil James Patrick has earned himself a reputation as the greatest adept of the preppy style on Instagram, for which his subscribers are called "young Ralph Lauren." Moreover, it is not only about the style in the clothes of the founder of the eponymous accessory brand Kiel James Patrick, but also about his lifestyle in general. So, watching his account, it seems that the ideal life looks like this: a successful career and friends on a yacht, a beautiful wife, a little son and a big red dog frolicking in the falling leaves on the lawn at home. It is noteworthy that the man conveys the atmosphere of not only success, peace and pleasure from life, which is directly heard through the screen, but also perfectly displays the vibes of the season. For example, with the arrival of autumn, his account turned into a collection of photo postcards: a pumpkin fair, walks through the woods, a wrapped blanket of a dog, and a weekend at the lake house. In general, if you thought autumn was the grayest time of the year, Keila’s account proves that only people can be boring, not circumstances.

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Added, autumn Autumn 2018! (@ haunting.autumn) 29 Tra 2018 p. about 2:29 pdt

In order to lose weight by the New Year, it is not necessary to be killed in the gym. Simply add movement to your daily life. Walking through the autumn city or outside is a great alternative. To get inspired, you can view this account, which, we are sure, will make you not lie in bed all day, but go exploring the most picturesque corners of your native city (and make spectacular photos there).

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