Ciara returned to training a month after giving birth: “22 kilograms! I will work very hard.”


A month ago, 34-year-old Ciara and her 31-year-old husband Russell Wilson became parents for the third time – the couple had a son, whom they named Win. During pregnancy, the star has recovered quite a lot and is now ready to actively begin to get rid of the gained pounds. On Instagram, she said that she was going to start training tomorrow.

22 kilograms! Our game plan starts tomorrow! I don’t know how easy it will be, considering that I have three children now. I will work very hard on this. Go ahead, mommy!

– she wrote.


Ciara’s fans expressed confidence that the star will definitely succeed in returning to its former form, and urged her not to be too zealous and to treat her body with love.

The singer’s figure has always been admired by her fans. She did not hide that she goes in for sports a lot and eats right, and also does not forget about the water balance. Ciara said that she drinks about seven liters of water every day.

You can exercise all day, but if you don’t eat well and don’t drink enough water, you will never see the results you would like to see. – she thinks.


I must say that during pregnancy, Ciara was quite active and continued to work until the victorious. The star took off her last video for the song Rooted, in which she danced vigorously twerk, just two days before giving birth.

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