Catch the wave: 6 hottest trends to consider when choosing a swimsuit

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Bare shoulders

Naked shoulders playfully peeking out from under the top with romantic shuttlecocks became the main hit of the upcoming summer season. After this silhouette adorned blouses, dresses, sundresses and even adapted to a classic masculine shirt, it became clear that swimsuits also could not avoid this fate. Designers quickly picked up the idea that was in the air and offered many variations on the theme – from one-piece swimsuits with a quilling wave to separate ones, where the top looks like a crop top and can be combined with jeans shorts not even in a beach bow, but for a walk around the city. Such a swimsuit model cannot be called universal – voluminous shuttlecocks will not decorate a figure with wide shoulders or too lush breasts too much. And the rest, if you like flirty female images, you can take a closer look at the collections of Lisa Marie Fernandez, Mara Hoffman, Tory Burch.

1 - Lisa-Marie-Fernandez


For the second summer in a row, knitted bikinis do not give up their positions, which, due to their texture, resemble cozy macrame products woven by grandma. Such swimwear made of natural cotton or linen threads will be an excellent alternative for not only beautiful, but also conscious fashionistas – those who support the eco-fashion trend. Although it is worth noting that knitted swimsuits are more a thing for sunbathing and posing on Instagram. Bathing in them is not very convenient due to the lack of waterproof materials and stretch fibers that help to perfectly “hug” your forms. But for those who are not very comfortable in fully knitwear, some brands offer an alternative option – where knitting complements the traditional synthetic parts without losing their “hand made” effect. The best examples of knitted swimwear that boho chic fans will love this season can be found in the collections of She Made Me, Tommy Hilfiger, Emilio Pucci, Missoni, H&M and the most popular Kiini now. To complete the look in a knitted bikini, you can dress or tunic with elements of embroidery in folk style.

2 - She Made Me


Another way to make your tropical look stand out from the crowd of beach Amazons is to choose a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts that can be asymmetric or geometric, and even visually adjust the figure. For example, if you bet on a swimsuit with side cuts on the stomach, your waistline in it will look more sophisticated. Similar models are in the cruise collections of Victoria’s secret, Agent Provocateur, Moschino, Flagpole Swim, Zimmermann, Mara Hoffman, Gottex. It is worth remembering that in such a swimsuit your tan will be as geometric as its cut, so you can not choose it as the main model for the whole summer.



If you prefer a more provocative and challenging beach look and want to look more like a Bond girl than a nymph from the Blue Lagoon, then you should try on a swimsuit with lacing or her imitation. Elements of lacing on the chest are now relevant in both separate and one-piece swimsuits, but with the same high-neck top. The sexiest models are presented, of course, in Victoria’s secret, Belusso, Herve Leger.

4 - victorias secret

Deep cut

Oddly enough, today a swimsuit has ceased to be an element of the wardrobe exclusively for swimming. There are things in which it is not very comfortable to dive and swim, but they look very impressive as the missing part to create an impressive glossy picture depicting a secular diva on a deck chair with a glass of cool trouser in her hands. Or on a small yacht in the company of close friends. Or at a beach party somewhere on the shores of Ibiza. Or at dinner in one of the restaurants on the exotic coast. Such a must-have thing can be considered one-piece swimsuits with a deep sharp neckline, as in evening dresses. Yes, such a design looks too frank and requires, of course, a perfect physical shape, but at the same time it can be considered a multifunctional part, which, combined with a long flying skirt, easily turns into a cocktail bow. The most spectacular models of these swimwear are Heidi Klein, Adriana Degreas, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur, La Perla, Eres.

5 - l'agent by agent provocateur


It's no secret that for several seasons in a row photos of girls in retro-style bathing suits in high-waisted swimming trunks have not left beach blogs. These bikinis look very stylish and atmospheric, turning you into sex symbols of the past, like Marilyn Monroe or Rita Hayworth, and your photos on social networks instantly become like vintage pin-up cards. In general, if you want to look like mysterious girls from the era of the past this summer, swimwear from Dolce & Gabbana, Zimmermann, Eres, Marysia, Mara Hoffman, Solid & Striped, Prism will help you with this.

6 -Mara-Hoffman

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