Cast of Moonlight movie of the year in Calvin Klein commercials

Ashton sandersAshton sanders

Raf Simons, Calvin Klein's new creative director, cast the cast of the moonlight drama, which won an Oscar in the Best Film nomination, in the new underwear campaign.

Raf Simons is able to predict all the loudest trends not only in fashion design, but also in other areas. Otherwise, how to explain the fact that he did not invite show business stars like Justin Bieber as models for the new Calvin Klein lingerie advertising campaign, but actors whose names were known only to moviegoers before yesterday.

Mahershala AliMahershala Ali

Apparently, even before the decision of the American Film Academy, the designer appreciated the abilities and charisma of the Moonlight caste. Mahershala Ali, who received the golden statuette as the best supporting actor yesterday, as well as his colleagues on the set Alex Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes appeared in the brand's black and white photo shoot and also told how it feels to wake up famous for the whole world.

Alex hibbertAlex hibbert

Photos and interviews of actors can be seen on the Calvin Klein website.

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