Buy me if you can: cult sneakers that you still have time to buy

Last year, sales of shoes with heels fell by 12%, while sneakers increased by 37%. The turnover of the “sneaker” segment of fashion brands is $ 2.3 billion. The reason for this is not only feminist attitudes, but also the fact that sneakers are an independent fashion object for a long time. Forget about uncomfortable shoes this spring and add a pair of sneakers to the maxi-dress. According to modern stylization trends, they are perfect for literally everything. Some models have long become iconic, some are still in the making, but all the fashionable girls of the world are after them. Well, who is faster?

FILA Disruptor

22 years after the initial release, this model has experienced a rebirth. Sneakers of the 1996 model practically did not change their design, having received only an expanded color palette. Agree, without them fashionable comeback of the 90s would not be so obvious.

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Balenciaga speed

Balenciaga sneakers-socks are one of the most clandestinely replicable pairs over the past year. They became so hit that Demna Gvasalia has been inventing more and more new variations for two years in a row. We recommend staying on a black classic with a foam sole in color-blocking style.


Prada cloudbust

Sneakers with contrasting details are made on the principle “less is better”: minimum branding (logo on the sole and strap), minimum number of parts. Among the carriers of the pair are not only the devil, but also Irina Shayk and Rita Ora.


Louis vuitton archlight

Archlight sneakers combine the sole of a wavy shape and an enlarged tongue with a low cut on the ankle. This futuristic couple is adored by millennials – led by Hayley Baldwin and Bella Hadid and, despite the fact that this is a female model, Jayden Smith.

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Gucci flashtrack

These sneakers are inspired by traditional hiking boots, but that’s all that combines with a practical pair of shoes. Maximalist Alessandro Michele offers them in variations of mesh, leather and suede with a decor in the form of chains in stones. So for sure, all the best – right away!


Adidas Originals Falcon

All that concerns the youngest owner of the billion state in the world, to become golden. Sneakers are no exception to this rule, and Kylie Jenner has become her face (and legs). Interestingly, the “falcons” are peers of celebrity.

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