Brain massage: Instagram accounts with the most soothing ASMR video

You might not have heard of the term ASMP, but you must have used it at least once in your life. This mysterious abbreviation denotes an autonomous sensory meridional reaction. In other words, it is a pleasant, relaxing sensation spreading from the scalp all over the body, caused by visual or sound stimuli. Remember the film “Amelie”, where the main character says that she likes to break the crisp in creme brulee or put her hand in a bag of grain? We all clearly understood why she likes these feelings. If you have the same strange preferences, but you are too shy to admit to them, then these accounts, which offer a whole range of ASMR videos that can make a real relaxing “massage” for your brain, are just what you need. Especially in the fall, when there is not much reason to relax.

@slimestrawberries 492 thousand followers

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Added, slime videos❤️ (@slimestrawberries) 28 Ver 2018 р. about 12:29 pdt

This account, called Slime Strawberries, offers to relax by watching how your hands dip into sticky, soft, silicone materials. Multicolored mass with plasticine effect, which has a relax effect and offline, in the same way relaxing effect, if you just look at how someone's hands knead it. What do you think?

@hydraulic_press_best 97.9 thousand followers

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Addis, hydraulic hydraulic press (@hydraulic_press_best) 13 Ser 2018 р. about 3:11 pdt

Another proof that the human brain can wonderfully amaze is an account filled with videos, where a variety of items — from the Nutella can to a stack of paper speakers — crush the hydraulic press. It turns out that observing this destructive process can cause all 33 pleasures. And, judging by the comments in the account, the erasure of different objects into powder causes not the same reaction in everyone. Someone likes to watch how a soft mass like marshmallow turns into a pancake. And to someone, how a billiard ball shatters into pieces under the pressure.

@mukbanq 353 thousand followers

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Addis, extensions Mukbang & Asmr (@mukbanq) 29 Ver 2018 р. o 3:23 PDT

Of course, food is invariably included in the list of things that can pleasantly influence brain receptors. And in its strangest manifestations. So, in this account, a bunch of rollers, where people eat jelly balls, huge portions of noodles and giant pieces of salmon for sushi, which, it turns out, gives pleasure not only to the video heroes, but also to those who watch them, clearly feeling the taste of dishes due to characteristic sounds when chewing.

@asmr_soap_princess 428 thousand followers

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Addis, extensions 👑ASMR PRINCESS👑 (@asmr_soap_princess) 14 Ser 2018 r. about 8:14 pdt

Now you will be surprised even more, but the list of items that can have a meditative effect also includes pieces of solid soap. Do not believe? Almost half a million subscribers in the “soap princesses” account prove this. The page belongs to two girls, in the arsenal of which there are more than a thousand pieces of soap, which they crush in a different way, offering subscribers to simply watch, listen and enjoy.

@ sand.isfying 275 thousand followers

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Addis, Satisfying Kinetic Sand Videos (@ sand.isfying) 2 Ser 2017 р. about 3:41 pdt

If you are not able to catch the buzz in the soap, watch the video with kinetic sand. It turns out that you can look forever not only at how the fire burns and the water flows, but also at how the grains and sand figures are cut by a thin blade of a knife. We know that sounds very strange. But you just try to watch!

@lilly_arts 44, 7 thousand followers

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Added, LILLY extensions (@lilly_arts) 11 Qui 2018 p. about 9:56 pdt

This account belongs to an artist from Kiev named Lily. Besides the fact that she pleases subscribers with her works, she gives a sense of the creative process and gets a dose of pleasure thanks to video clips where the girl mixes acrylic paints with a spatula. It would seem, what could be easier? But you won't even have time to blink an eye, as you will notice that you are staring at this process, completely falling out of the world for about 15 minutes.

@dollarbathbombs 66.3 thousand followers

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Added, Dollar Bath Bombs Promotions (@dollarbathbombs) 5 Lute 2018 р. about 3:00 pst

Another kind of "massage for the brain" can produce bombs for the bath. Through this account you can not only order huge colorful sculptures of bombs in the form of a huge donut or butterfly, for example. But also here their creators show how to use them, dipping the figures into a hot bath gradually, where they melt, paint water and relax with one of their own views.

@ 92,5 thousand followers

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Addis, Watch It Melt (@ 18 Lute 2017 р. about 5:48 pst

By the way, that melts. Researchers at the ASMP phenomenon note that looking at how something melts right before your eyes is a separate kind of pleasure. Want to test yourself for this kind of relaxation? Then watch the video in your account, where you can see how a spinner from ice melts right in your hands, how wax figures melt or how a hot knife cuts a rubber duck.

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