Beauty without sacrifices: 7 models of dresses that look good with sneakers

357544 "width =" 850 "height =" 567 "srcset =" 850w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 850px) 100vw, 850px "></p><p>Summer, of course, is the perfect time to flutter in all kinds of dresses, which, it would seem, were created for a duet with high-heeled shoes. On the other hand, it is in the summer, when the weather heats up the asphalt and veins, and the hiking trails in the cobblestones and sand last for hours, sophisticated shoes even on a low wedge are a complete discomfort. Therefore, we decided to remind you which dresses will not lose at all from the fact that you will wear them together with comfortable sneakers, instead of stilettos.</p><p>Dress shirt</p><p>Not that a shirt dress was a new fashionable discovery, but this summer it definitely took a leading position in the wardrobe. And all because of its laconic cut and simple silhouette, which is appropriate in the office and for a walk with friends, on a date and at a street festival, at a cocktail party and a fashionable brunch, on the ocean and in the scenery of a hot city. No wonder they say: “If you want to make no mistake, choose the simplest option.” That is why a shirt dress in combination with white sneakers is an indispensable summer look that will save you in any situation from the category of "you need to quickly pack up, but there is nothing to wear."</p><p style=dress33 (1)


Night dress

If we talk about the witty looks of the season – those that so far only take root at social events and in Instagram accounts of fashion lovers, but have not yet taken to the streets en masse, then this summer a bold trend has become a new interpretation of the nightie dress. Designers propose to wear a thin satin dress with straps with heeled sandals in the evening and over a simple white T-shirt with sneakers – in the afternoon.

dress33 (2)


Knitted dress

For cool evenings in coastal restaurants, smoothly turning into dawn, a knitted mesh dress is ideal. Together with a denim jacket and comfortable sneakers, it will make your romantic walks along the sandy paths comfortable, and old-school notes in the spirit of cult serial images from Beverly Hills, 90210 or Lonely Hearts that never go out of style will give you comfort .

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Dress fit and flare

Admirers of the prim preppy style can also change ballet shoes and pumps for sneakers in a set with a very girlish fit and flare dress – with a tight-fitting top, often with a fixed waist and a flared short skirt. This is ideal for a business or informal lunch, a bachelorette party or even a bike ride. We are sure that if Holly Golightly from the legendary “Breakfast at Tiffany's” lived in our time, her daily wardrobe would consist mainly of such outfits.

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Denim dress

Those girls who prefer comfort in any situation and prefer the most relaxed and natural bows, can safely spend the whole summer paired with denim. Denim shorts, overalls, sundresses and dresses paired with your favorite sneakers can again become a summer uniform, wherever you are: in a stuffy metropolis, in a resort town, at a music festival or on a yacht cruise.

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Off Shoulder A-Line Dress

In real sultry weather, which in the summer will surely catch up with you, no matter where you run from it, light flying dresses made of natural midi-length fabrics with a trapezoid silhouette and an open shoulder line will be the salvation. In principle, such a dress in digging light shoes with laces and a wicker hat is the only thing that is really necessary in the summer arsenal of clothing, both in travel and at home.

dress33 (6)


Long dress with print

If you suddenly thought that the only option when the sneakers could not save is to go out in a feminine flowing maxi dress with some playful bright print, then here you are mistaken. As the experience and reviews of reputable fashion bloggers show, sports shoes always have a place next to even the most elegant, delicate, light and elegant dress that you can imagine. So don't be afraid to experiment with combinations!

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