Beauty is a legacy

Family traditions are not only joint holidays at a smartly decorated table, trips to grandmother or Sunday trip to the theater. Family traditions are also a list of vital tips that our mother gave us: from a favorite cookie recipe to win-win beauty tricks that still work no worse than modern cosmetics. These are the tricks of beauty that we are ready to share. After all, you know, mom will not advise bad things.

Refresh your eyes

Today, every self-respecting fashionista, in order to hide the lack of sleep or the consequences of a stormy party on her face, has in stock magic eye patches that perfectly relieve fatigue, swelling and relieve dark circles under the eyes. If there are no miraculous plasters at hand, their function will be perfectly fulfilled by bags of black tea for breakfast, which, by the way, will also give strength and some vigor after a sleepless night. As my mother taught: “You can stay awake at least all night, but in the morning you must look so that it never occurs to anyone that you could spend the night out.” And for this you need a couple cups of strong black tea, which you need to drink first, and put the remaining tea bags first for several minutes in the refrigerator, and then lower them for ever. In ten minutes, your eyes will be so fresh that even your mother will not notice the changes.

Narrow pores

Sudden plans for the evening promise to make it unforgettable, and you just do not have time to visit the beautician? Then use the proven grandmother's method, which narrows the pores no worse than any peeling: just dip your face in ice water for a few seconds and you will be surprised to see your reflection in the mirror. Yes, the effect of such a home procedure does not last forever, but in order to feel confident at a romantic dinner and get its continuation – this will be quite enough.

Make shiny curls

We spend fabulous amounts on hair care products, trying to achieve a mirror shine, as in attractive advertisements. And at the same time we do not want to experience the chemicals that are contained in store elixirs of beauty, more and more often studying sites with organic cosmetics. But you know what will become the most organic, safe and effective for your hair? Olive oil. Believe it or not, but Old Hollywood divas like Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh used this culinary dressing as a styling tool in their beauty arsenal. There is nothing easier than warming up a few drops of oil in the palms of your hands and running them through your slightly damp or already dry hair. In addition to the shine and moisturizing effect, curls, oil will help to divide the head of hair into neat elastic curls.

Curl naughty eyelashes

If your eyelashes are straight, like road markings on a European highway, you know for sure that a regular eyelash clip does not help to curl them at all. Do not rush to spend money on expensive overseas serums and gels. Just try to warm up your clamp, as our mothers did, who knew how to subjugate cavaliers strictly educated in Soviet realities with one glance. True, then they often used a teaspoon for this, because curling irons had to still be found. This method works flawlessly, according to the principle of curling – we are not trying to curl hair with a cold curling iron. So with eyelashes, they take an ideal shape only under hot influence, after heating the tongs in boiling water.

Lighten hair

Today, the most popular trend in dyeing is all kinds of variations, which as a result give the effect of hair naturally burnt out in the sun. It is worth noting that even experienced masters do not always manage to choose the shade so precisely that the glare on the strands looks as natural as possible. Our predecessors solved this problem simply by applying 1: 3 lemon juice diluted with water in strips before going out on a sunny day.

Once the girls did it with their hands, but now it’s more convenient to use a bottle of spray to distribute the organic clarifier for the hair evenly along the entire length. If you use this simple tool during the vacation on the sea coast, when the hair touches the sun throughout the day, the effect will not take long. In a week you will return home with curls a couple of shades lighter. Moreover, the color will be natural, without unwanted red or grayish shades that can give interior paints.

Reduce redness

If you are a happy owner of a bright face, like a porcelain doll, then you probably know the red spots that usually go “complete” to an aristocratic-looking, but catastrophically sensitive skin. To mask such redness with foundation, by the way, is quite problematic. Even under a layer of cosmetics, patches of red skin treacherously come out. The vintage way – Vizin drops can help fight them. Everyone knows that these drops, which can be purchased at any pharmacy at a cheap price, perfectly remove the redness from tired eyes. But few people know that their same function can work on the skin, if the cause of redness is dilated vessels. To check the beauty reception, it is enough to moisten a cotton swab in drops and apply to the affected area of ​​the skin for a couple of minutes. After an hour, redness should pass, and then you can already fix the result with decorative cosmetics.

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