Beauty digest: from Supreme and Pat McGrath collaboration to scent in honor of Belka and Strelka

Isabella Rossellini

“Euphoria” star Hunter Schafer became the face of Shiseido, Demeter launched a fragrance for the 60th anniversary of Belka and Strelka’s flight into space, Supreme presented a collaboration with Pat McGrath, and Isabella Rossellini became the face of Lancôme’s new face cream. What else they talked about this week in the world of beauty – read in our material.

Hunter Schafer became the face of Shiseido

Many people know Hunter Schafer as Jules with the bright eyeliner from the TV series Euphoria. Starting in 2021, the actress, model and LGBT activist will take on a completely new role – the global ambassador of the Shiseido Makeup brand. She will represent the Japanese brand’s makeup line.

I love that Shiseido treats makeup like an art. I think that both I and the brand strive to use makeup not in order to reach some standards, but to show our feelings,

– Schafer said in an official statement.

Shiseido believes that true beauty comes to life when inner and outer harmonies constantly complement each other. No one embodies this concept better than actress and artist Hunter Schafer. Known for her debut on HBO on Euphoria, this versatile millennial girl is not afraid of change, inspires new achievements and goes beyond, celebrating individuality on and off the screen. – say representatives of the brand.

The filming of the second season of the series was suspended due to the pandemic, but at the beginning of next year we will be able to admire the actress in the Shiseido advertising campaign.

Aroma for the 60th anniversary of Belka and Strelka’s flight into space

Service for the preparation and delivery of homemade food for dogs “Happy Belly”, together with the Demeter brand, has released a perfume with the scent of space for the sixtieth anniversary of Belka and Strelka’s flight into orbit. The novelty turned out to be truly alien! The fragrance combines notes of metal, ozone, stardust and earth. According to the creators of the perfume, this is how extraterrestrial space smells.

Belka and Strelka are legendary Soviet astronaut dogs who made a great contribution to the development of world astronautics. They were the first animals to enter orbit and return to Earth. The obtained scientific data helped scientists prepare the first manned flight into space.

The flight of Belka and Strelka played an important role in the development of astronautics: books were written about them, films were made, and even stamps with their images were released. The dogs took part in press conferences and lived until a ripe old age at the State Research and Testing Institute of Aviation and Space Medicine. With our collaboration with Demeter, we would like to remind you of the heroism of these four-footed conquerors of the orbit,

– comments the co-founders of the company Anton Efimov and Veronika Bratusheva.

The fragrance will be presented in the “Library of Aromas” online store, and will also be raffled off on social networks.

Supreme has released a collaboration with Pat McGrath

We’ve seen the classic red Supreme logo on everything from The North Face jackets to Louis Vuitton wallets to MTA Metrocards. But for the first time, Supreme has announced a collaboration with a beauty brand. Pat McGrath announced the collaboration in a series of Instagram posts, each featuring quotes related to New York, where the Supreme brand was born. So, the brands will release a matte fiery red lipstick. The novelty is presented in a red and gold tube with a white Supreme logo.

We are waiting for some more interesting new products from the Supreme collaboration. According to Hypebeast, Supreme will release another beauty product, Colgate Cavity Protection toothpaste, as well as a Chucky doll, a Kartell Trix sofa bed and a Mortal Kombat game machine.

How Keanu Reeves inspired the GlamGlow mask

Actor, filmmaker, producer and musician Keanu Reeves can now add another title to his impressive resume: beauty influencer. Because, as it turns out, he was the inspiration behind GlamGlow’s now iconic YouthMud product.

Keanu Reeves

The beauty brand known for its masks started out with YouthMud exfoliator in 2010, all thanks to Reeves. The story happened back in 2008, when Shannon Dellimore, who founded the brand with her husband Glenn, was at a party in the Hollywood Hills. She was lucky enough to talk to the actor.
Keanu talked about aging and how to make skin look good on set. He said, “I have 10 minutes and I want to look like I just had a cosmetic procedure.”

– Shannon said.

At that time, there was nothing on the market that could give the desired effect instantly, so the Dellimores decided to create their own product and the GlamGlow brand was born.

Isabella Rossellini is the face of Lancôme’s new Rénergie Nuit Multi-Glow Intensive Revitalizing Night Cream

The famous actress Isabella Rossellini took part in the development of formulas created specifically for mature skin. She visited Lancôme laboratories, where she met the brand’s experts, and presented a product from the Rénergie line. It is intended for women over 60 and protects the skin from the damaging effects of lack of sleep. A formula of eight vegetable oils, combined with ceramides, omega-6 and 9 fatty acids, to nourish and soften the skin, revitalizing it overnight.

The concept of “beauty” is very difficult to give an exact definition, because it is always something very individual, personal. Everyone just talks about aging and the appearance of wrinkles, but no one says a word about the freedom that appears in adulthood, – Isabella Rossellini is sure.

The actress actively advocates self-acceptance and rejection of generally accepted stereotypes.

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