Back to the past: 6 best retro films about the school

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Despite the fact that the first bell in schools already rang, we still did not emerge from the nostalgia of youth, and decided to recall the best films about school years, which are ideal in order to have a pleasant evening at home. Witty quotes, comedic characters, touching romantic stories, and, of course, the best examples of the style of the adorable 80s and 90s are just a few reasons why you should not ignore this list.

Club "Breakfast", 1985

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“Breakfast Club has long taken a place among the legendary youth comedies, on which more than one generation has grown. Simple and understandable, but from this, a story close to any of us about teenage problems and experiences that absolutely everyone has – be it an athlete, a class princess, a bespectacled nerd, a school hermit with strange inclinations, or a hooligan loser. Here such a group of teenagers as a punishment for breaking the rules is collected on Saturday morning in the school library, asking to write an essay on the topic of who they see themselves in this world. In search of an answer to such a silly question for 16-year-olds, it turns out that they are not all as different as it might seem at first glance. The thirty-year success of this film is that it is not so common for American directors to show schoolchildren sincere and thinking rebels, rather than fools turned at parties, without frankly vulgar scenes and flat jokes. And at the "Club" Breakfast "it turned out excellently.

Stupid, 1995

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Before the series Gossip Girl appeared, it’s “Stupid” with blonde cutie Alicia Silverstone in the lead role that was an example of how the most fashionable schoolgirls from prestigious American schools should look. Reference designer things, rich parents, classmates unburdened with deep thinking, a romantic line – it would seem that this is another regular children's comedy with dramatic implications, which is interesting only from an aesthetic point of view for those who love fashion and “look through the pictures”. Only here the main character here is not the bitchy Blair Waldorf, but the dreamer Emma from the novel of the same name Jane Austen, which distinguishes her from thousands of similar characters from school romcoms. Instead of intriguing friends, she has fun playing Cupid, trying to get her teachers together. In general, this film should be considered not only as a fashion tool of the 90s, which are now in trend, but also as a touching and naive story, in the best sense of the word.

Deadly Attraction, 1988

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The school as not a friendly island of peers, wise teachers and an interesting pastime, but an enemy place with strangers divided into social groups and clans, with its own hierarchy and strict rules, like in prison, is not a new topic for Western cinema. However, the black comedy "Deadly Attraction" with then-beginning actors Winona Ryder and Christian Slater has become one of the most famous films with a similar message and a detective story, and is still included in the top 5 best films about the school of all time according to various authoritative film ratings. The plot seems to be simple, while flavored with non-trivial notes of absurdism. High school student Veronica is trying to join the party of the school “queens of the ball” who rule the school, but in the company of the coolest girls she does not feel “her own”, moreover, she is outraged by the receptions of her new friends, which they use to stay on the local pedestal . At this time, Veronica met with a dangerous, but insanely charming guy Jason Dean, offering to radically crack down on the clan of cocky beauties, adjusting their deaths as suicides.

Stoned and Confused, 1983

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One of the most daring filmmakers of our time, Richard Linklater, in his cult comedy Dazed and Confused, shows the school a solid, fun-filled carnival that happens only once in a lifetime. The picture takes place in the 70s – during the worship of the hippie era, the work of Bob Marley, flared jeans, guitars and ranting under the smoke of marijuana. The plot fits into one last day of the school year, which should be well noted by graduates whose life will already become "adult" tomorrow, which means – full of all sorts of restrictions. Therefore, today is the last chance to have the most detached party of the century, with rivers of alcohol, dancing and drugs, where yesterday’s students will have to learn important life lessons through all this drunken stupor. A separate bonus is the star cast. It is a special pleasure to see Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, and Mill Jovovich on the screen in a company of the very young.

“To the teacher, with love”, 1967

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It is amazing that Edward Braithwaite’s brilliant adaptation of “The Teacher, With Love” has been adaptation for half a century, but it still does not cease to be relevant today: the reluctance of young professionals to work at school, discrimination by ethnicity / age / other criteria, difficulties finding a common language with teenagers, the quality of education in schools for low-income children. The protagonist of the tape is a young physical engineer who wants to make a scientific breakthrough, but does not find work in his specialty, and goes to work at school. He gets a place in the teaching staff of an institution in the not-so-prosperous district of London, where his students are still hooligans and lawless people. Of course, the newly-minted teacher, who also has racial prejudices for everything, dreams of running away from his new job as soon as possible, so in his free time he continues to send out resumes to companies where he could work by profession. And now, when, finally, luck smiles at him, and the guy is offered the cherished place of an engineer, he decides not to leave his class to the mercy of fate, and bring it at least to the end of the school year. This decision, of course, fundamentally changes the life and future of the young man.

“I blame Claud K. for my death,” 1979

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With undying tapes about the school, Soviet cinema also distinguished itself. Many of them are truly deep, dramatic, suggestive of serious thought and squeezing a tear. But there are among them not so simulated patterns, more believable and universal for any generation. One of these films can be considered a wonderful and bright story "I ask you to blame Claud K. for my death" about true first love – one that happens with the majority at the age of 16, and which simply passes over time. Or it doesn’t work, but you study, like everything else in school, to live with it. Without hysterical dialogues, wringing hands, desperate acts and broken destinies. And with sad, but calm conversations, the inevitable understanding of growing up, the support of friends and the right parental advice that everything needs to be experienced.

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