"Autumn soup": stylish accessories for making mulled wine

October weather gives official permission to make mulled wine the main drink of autumn evenings and a symbol of home gatherings around the fireplace without any remorse. For those with whom this spicy drink has already taken the main position in the seasonal menu, as well as the well-known Internet hero Husky Karl, who gave the drink the status of “autumn soup”, we recommend several details and accessories that will allow gourmets to enjoy even more aromatic taste.

Electric corkscrew

No matter how virtuoso you are in making wine, your whole attitude and plan of action can fly under the tail at the initial stage, when the wine cork simply does not lend itself to your efforts. In such cases, an electric corkscrew will come to the rescue, which will quickly and easily solve this problem.

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The time-tested author's secret recipe of mulled wine is, of course, a big half of the success of a home party, but not all. Agree, a stylish table setting, functional dishes and other lovely table accessories will help to achieve the desired cinematic atmosphere and will be an excellent props for instagram. For example, a glass mulled wine dispensary with ceramic details will decorate your table or will be a pleasant gift for someone who is a bigger fan of mulled wine than you.

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Set of dishes

Another way to make mulled wine not only delicious, but also pleasing to the eye is to serve it in a special set. A jug on a laconic wooden stand with a candle will help maintain the correct degree of fun, and double-bottomed glasses will not let you get burned.

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Good music and a disco-mug with a fragrant warming drink – this is the whole recipe for how to add an upbeat tropical mood to dull October evenings. Remember how in one of the Friends series, Monica entrusted Phoebe with only cups in organizing a party? And that, taking up the task with great enthusiasm, built the whole holiday around the dishes? So, she had not yet had stunning glasses in the form of a discoboll with a lid and a straw! With these you can arrange an unforgettable evening at home, as well as to cheer yourself up on a road trip.

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True connoisseurs of wine and aesthetes will appreciate your hospitality, if you complement the table setting with napkins with a print … wine list. Agree, such an accessory in any interior will be able to surprise guests.

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A set of spices for mulled wine

And one more life hacking, like not losing time, to make the evening better with the taste of mulled wine – order at once a whole set of spices for a drink so as not to forget anything. The necessary ingredients, as well as the sweet packaging of spices, will make it not only a machev in the autumn kitchen, but also a symbolic gift to friends.

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