Autumn in fashion shopping: what you need to purchase this season

785 "width =" 1240 "height =" 827 "srcset =" 1240w, https: // 23-59. 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1240px) 100vw, 1240px "></p><p>No matter how firmly we hold the summer by the hand, with the onset of October it becomes clear that the time has come to change our minds in a new autumn mood. To set an alarm “early”, because in the fall it is more difficult to get out of bed. Choose a new diet in accordance with seasonal vegetables and fruits. Stock up on a selection of films and books from the autumn blues. And also to change the wardrobe, adapting to severe weather conditions. With the latter, by the way, we are ready to help you. In our selection today – the most relevant things of the season.</p><p>Quilted jacket</p><p><img loading=

A classic beige trench coat or oversized coat is still on the move. But if you are looking for an alternative to the usual cut and new options for things that would save you from the chilly cold with the habit of taking us by surprise, then you should pay attention to quilted jackets, cardigans, parkas and coats. No one bothers to choose practical and discreet down jackets that most reliably resist the October slush. But we still recommend taking a closer look at bolder models with unusual prints, inscriptions, fabrics. So that even in an everyday jacket you can feel like a star of street style.

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Flared jeans

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Do not worry, dozens of pairs of your favorite skinny will not go anywhere, they can still be worn anywhere and with anything. However, if you decide to update your wardrobe this season with new jeans, opt for flared trousers. They may be long or shortened; stiff navy denim in preppy style or with casual scuffs; narrower or hypertrophically wide. The main thing is to try new silhouettes and allow yourself to become a little different this fall.

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Wide Heel Ankle Boots

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If there are always options with clothes, then among the main trends of shoes, ankle boots with a wide stable heel, which allows you to not limit your movements throughout a busy day, have become the leader. Nor will he let you down either in the office, on a walk, or at a party. After all, such shoes are combined with jeans, with classic trousers and culottes; with long dresses and short ones; with pleated skirts and leather. You only need to choose a catchy pair. After all, today preference is given to a variety of textures and colors: bright patent leather and metallic leather, velvet and suede in saturated colors, printed textiles.

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October is just the time when you don’t even want to stick your nose out from under the soft cozy rug. Therefore, designers a couple of seasons ago suggested not to make such sacrifices, adapting blankets to warm capes – poncho, cardigans and capes. They even on the street allow you to feel at home comfortable. Choose a checkered, striped or plain product and wrap yourself in a way that suits you. But if you are wary of such a poncho, being afraid to become like a lady-pigeon lady from the comedy Home Alone, then you should experiment with styling. Add a belt, a massive brooch to the image or find a new application for the bag strap, and your bow will look more neat and unusual.

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