8 sites that make delivery from foreign online stores

If you are afraid of shopping on foreign sites because of the subtleties associated with delivery, then forget about all your fears right now. Instead, you can trust the professionals who for a small percentage will order and give you the goods right in your hands.


Shipping cost *: $ 8.95 per kg.

Delivery time **: 4-7 days (from the moment they are received in a warehouse in the USA).

This international company specializes in the delivery of goods from the United States. The firm has an office and warehouse in the tax-free state of Delaware, where workers receive and pack parcels. One of the advantages of the company is that it serves only customers from Ukraine, which significantly reduces the risk of losing the package.

The company also provides such services as removing the packaging (reducing the weight of the parcel), processing the return, checking the contents and others. And yet, they deliver cars and even offer the possibility of buying cars at auctions.


Shipping cost: $ 4.99 per kg (air), from $ 1.99 / kg (sea).

Delivery time: from 5 days.

This service also works with online stores, carrying out a paid delivery of goods from the US, Europe and Asia. The US office of this company is located in the state of New Jersey, and on-site, at the request of the client, employees can check the goods and, in which case, return them back. Representatives of the company argue that they work exclusively with reliable suppliers.

Meest express

Shipping cost: from 5.24 $ per kg (or rather, can be calculated using a calculator when ordering).

Delivery time: from 6 days.

This delivery service has a separate website, Meest America Inc., where you can order delivery of products from the largest US online stores, including Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and others. In addition, you can order delivery from electronics stores, auto parts, household goods and sports equipment. On the company's website it means that they have several warehouses in the US and after registering the client will be able to choose any more suitable.


Shipping cost: from the USA: from $ 4.95 / kg (air), from $ 2.95 / kg (sea); from Europe: from 1.9 € / kg.

Delivery time: from 5 days (air), from 4 weeks (sea).

The site delivering goods from the USA and Europe draws up parcels in 17 warehouses in the USA, Germany, England, France, Poland, Italy and other countries. Representatives of the company claim that their prices are among the lowest in Ukraine.

Ukraine Express

Shipping cost: from the USA: $ 7.5 per kg (air), $ 3.8 (sea).

Delivery time: calculated when ordering.

The company opened its first offices in 2010 in Detroit and Chicago, and now they have offices in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland. In addition to small parcels, the company delivers dimensional cargo.

For Ukrainian customers there are special conditions: free admission of parcels to warehouses, the formation of several parcels in one, the separation and storage of them for 30 days. And for an additional fee, company representatives can repack the product, check its status, take photos and return it to the seller.

Nova Poshta Shopping

Shipping cost: up to 0.5 kg – $ 4.9, 1 kg – $ 7.8, 1.5 kg – $ 10.70.

Delivery time: from 8 working days.

The service of delivery of goods from other countries has introduced and New mail. With the help of their service, you can make orders from online stores in the USA, UK, Poland and pick them up at any convenient branch.

American shop

Shipping cost: $ 7.99 per kg (air), $ 4.99 per kg (sea). Commission for services – 10%.

Delivery time: 7-12 days (air), 4-6 weeks (sea).

This Ukrainian site also delivers goods from various countries, including the USA, Italy, Spain and the UK. Moreover, the company offers a shopper service (buyer) in Paris with delivery to the customer's home or to the warehouse of the New Mail.


Shipping cost: calculated when ordering (consists of the cost of the goods + the cost of delivery to the sorting warehouse + cost of delivery to Ukraine + customs duties (if the cost of goods exceeds 150 euros)

Delivery time: 7-8 days.

This service helps to get goods from the USA, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and even China. Representatives of the company point out that their “trick” is a personal approach to each customer, the right price-quality ratio, as well as efficiency (the consultant contacts the customer within an hour).

* To this cost may be added the cost of delivery of goods in the United States (from the online store to the intermediary).

** On many sites the delivery time from the company's warehouse to Ukraine is indicated. It should be borne in mind that the parcel may be delivered to the warehouse for several days or even weeks.

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