5 non-trivial routes for autumn vacation

You may have missed the summer holiday season because of a biblical project at work. Or have seen enough pictures of friends on Instagram with exotic geolocations and captions from collections of inspirational quotes from classics. Or maybe they just bought an ideal boater hat on sale, which in harsh climatic Ukrainian realities, instead of walking, I had to send it out of sight out of sight into the closet. Or tanning requires an upgrade. In the end, should there really be a good reason for the holidays? Until the autumn blues grew into a complete depression, we compiled a list of non-trivial places to travel: from transparent cocoons in Lapland with a view of the Northern Lights and the mystical capital of New Orleans jazz to the quiet Swiss Bern, exotic Cambodia and native Carpathians. Passwords and attendances are attached.

New Orleans, USA

7_New_Orleans_Louisiana "width =" 1498 "height =" 1000 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/7_New_Orleans_Louisiana.jpg 1280w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/7_New_Orleans_Louisiana-670x447.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1498px) 100vw, 1498px "></p><p>If we had a standard rating, in America the first thing they would advise was to go to New York. However, this idea is not so bad: there is always a chance to meet Richard Gere on the streets of an autumnal city, who was just as sexy even in his 66 years, as the heroine of Winona Ryder in the film Autumn in New York. But no, for vivid impressions, go to the homeland of jazz, to the capital of voodoo and the most mystical city in the USA – New Orleans. In 2005, he was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, but quickly recovered, while maintaining a spirit of wealth and idleness that complements the mix of French, Creole, African American, Caribbean, Irish, Haitian, German and Vietnamese culture. 300 years ago, on the site of New Orleans, there was a huge swamp in which the native Indians kept their dead brothers and considered sacred. The colonialists did not delve into the tradition of the natives, but in vain: the city built on the bones is constantly haunted by fires, mysterious disappearances, and mass killings. Responsibility for all their misfortunes New Orleans like to attribute to sorcerers and witches. One of the most famous, Dolphin LaLori, inspired the story of the screenwriters of the American Horror Story who shot three seasons of horror anthology about Madame LaLori. We think you understand what souvenirs to bring from New Orleans? If you buy magic trinkets, then only there. Immersion in the life of the city would not be complete without a visit to the jazz club, it was not in vain that Louis Armstrong was an honorary resident of New Orleans. Behind real jazz is to go Preservation Hall – a basement without air conditioning, a bar, chairs and an ingenious orchestra playing from 20.00 to 23.00. American food people say that in New Orleans they cook the most delicious pizza, but it would be a crime not to try the foule in the French Quarter – a sandwich that has been cooked here since the 19th century. This should be done at Johnny’s Po-Boys at 511 St. Louis Street The restaurant (well, as a restaurant – a snack bar) was founded in 1950 and now it is in charge of the third generation of the De Grusha family. It is difficult to call this dish refined, but the line behind it ends on the street.</p><p style=Bern, Switzerland

14709 "width =" 1280 "height =" 852 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/14709.jpg 1280w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/14709-670x446.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1280px) 100vw, 1280px "></p><p>Without the old woman of Europe, our rating of routes for overcoming the autumn blues would be incomplete. At least out of the instinct of self-preservation, we will bypass the thunderstorm of tourist ratings and the fashion capital Paris, because “having seen it, you can die” and postpone the trip to Barcelona until the Primavera festival. This fall, our path lies in the capital of Switzerland, a small and cozy Bern. A little more than a hundred thousand inhabitants live here surrounded by low mountains, which, with the advent of autumn, are painted in all shades of gold, red and orange. Okay, we abstract from snotty romance and think better where to go in Bern. First, we will now destroy the persistent stereotype of bears: they walk not on Red Square in Moscow, but on a quiet and calm Bern. Well, as they walk, Björk, Finn and their offspring Ursin live and delight tourists in a special bear park, which is located on the gentle slope of the Are River. The bear is a symbol of the Swiss capital, however, PETA members will not like the city legend (we recommend that you skip the next line for all green people) – Berchtold von Zeringen, choosing a name for the city he founded in 1191, decided to name it in honor of the first hunting an animal. As you guessed, he got a bear (in German B? R). Honestly, we lied a bit, calling Bern the capital of Switzerland – according to the constitution, the country does not have a capital, but it is here that the government, parliament and central bank are located, which de facto allows the Berners to call all other Swiss provincials. Among the other attractions of the city are the tower with the astronomical clock Citgloggeturm of the beginning of the 13th century and the Albert Einstein House-Museum, where he wrote his “Theory of Relativity”. Tired after a long walk through the cozy streets, go to the Schultheissenstube restaurant – if you can pronounce the name, of course. There you can order not only an excellent two-finger steak, but also continue the cultural route, considering a rich collection of paintings and antiques.</p><p style=Cambodia

11 "width =" 700 "height =" 464 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/11.jpg 700w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/11-670x444.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px "></p><p>If you mean dislike for crowded beaches, in the summer you still could not get rid of aristocratic pallor, then you have a direct road to exotic Cambodia, where Angelina Jolie chopped herself with many-armed stone demons in the role of Lara Croft. Going there is not only for cute babies to replenish a large Hollywood family, but also for a luxurious Asian vacation on the sea – the beaches here are certainly no worse than in Thailand or Vietnam. The high cost of tickets is fully compensated by local prices – for 1 US dollar you can get an amazing 20-minute "fish" pedicure or one delicious frog with ginger. For a romantic getaway, you can rent a bungalow on the almost deserted islands of Ko-Russey or Ko-Rong, and if without civilization it is very tight, you need to go to Angkor – the capital of the ancient Khmer state, the most famous monument of the country's ancient culture, where about a hundred palaces and temples have been preserved . Fans of sea sports and entertainment are the road-way to Sihanoukville. Diving, snorkeling, fishing, jet skis, hiking in the jungle, a survival course on a desert island – everything is immediately concentrated in this seaside town. Fans of yoga and meditation (we will consider this an active form of relaxation) will like the territory of a Buddhist monastery that rises above the city, and in the vicinity of Siem Reap you can swim in the waterfall. In general, keep calm and ommm.</p><p style=Lapland

laplandia-1250788605_w687h357 "width =" 687 "height =" 357 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/laplandia-1250788605_w687h357.jpg 687w, https: // 23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/laplandia-1250788605_w687h357-670x348.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 687px) 100vw, 687px "></p><p> From extreme to extreme: if you are not a fan of the off-season and are ready to celebrate Christmas all year round, during the autumn holidays you will have a direct road to Lapland. It is in the fall that one can observe a unique phenomenon – the Northern Lights. The Finns believe that foxes, who rub their backs on the rocks, causing thousands of sparks, are responsible for this miracle of nature – they light up the sky. We will not kill magic with scientific explanations – foxes are so foxes – we’ll better think about from what point it is best to observe the radiance: observation platforms in the form of transparent cocoons, luxurious tree houses and even a jacuzzi on the panoramic terrace – for every taste. So, in the tiny village of Nellim near Lake Inari in the very north of Lapland, there is a whole scattering of transparent cocoons consisting of a bedroom, a bathroom and a heater, closed by a transparent hemisphere. There you can go on a night safari in snowmobiles or visit Aurora Camp on an island in the middle of Lake Inari, from where you can admire the northern lights without the excesses of civilization in the form of artificial lighting. Even more fabulous is the room at the Iso-Sy? Te hotel in the Iso-Suete ski resort – Eagle’s View Suite apartments are built right on the tree. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room with a fireplace, a bathroom and a sauna, and from there a spiral staircase leads around the tree trunk to the second level. A jacuzzi, a glass ceiling, a view of the snowy hills and lakes – even if the foxes are not rubbing enough, and you will not see the northern lights, this rest seems ideal.</p><p style=Carpathians, Ukraine

ozero-Sinevir-osenyu "width =" 1200 "height =" 765 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ozero-Sinevir-osenyu.jpg 1200w, https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ozero-Sinevir-osenyu-670x427.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1200px) 100vw, 1200px "></p><p>Now back to reality. Lapland, Cambodia, the USA and Switzerland are all, of course, good, but the dreams of a long journey aboard good airlines often do not stand the test of both free time and the exchange rate. But, frankly, spending a vacation in Ukraine is not only for financial reasons. In Ukraine there are excellent tourist spots and a point. Especially for a resident of a modern metropolis, living in a hut in nature surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and with a herd of goats on a neighboring lawn can be an adventure no less exotic than exploring dishes from insects and fish eyes on a market in China. The best green tourism, of course, in the Carpathians, there is no place for originality. In Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions, you can rent a very decent hotel room, and an authentic hut, drink fresh milk all day, ride horses, relax in the hayloft (or whatever they usually do in the hayloft) and pick mushrooms in the forest mountain slopes. You can also cook them yourself, feeling like a modern Robinson, or order food from the locals, who with pleasure will make you a real banosh or homemade dumplings. Options for spending time on the sea are exploring the culture of the Hutsuls, Hungarians, Slovaks and Romanians, hiking in years – on foot and by bike, rafting on the Cheremosh River. You should not think that only the “spirits of forgotten ancestors” live in the Carpathians, the modern world has long been integrated with local traditions, and we are not only talking about Bukovel’s luxury resorts. For example, the main gastronomic attraction of Ivano-Frankivsk in recent times is a chain of restaurants, which are planned 23 in the future, but for now six live and live: Manufactura, Urban Space, Delikacia, Fabbrica, Veranda and Ivano-Frankivsk Says. The level of institutions is the capital. Returning by car, you can call in Lviv, Sofievsky Park, but you never know where else! The main thing is to go on a journey, but you remember the main parting word of Mark Twain: “We will only regret two things on our deathbed — that we loved little and traveled little.”</p></pre><p></p> </div></article><nav class=

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