5 bad eating habits vaccinated from childhood

We can be as literate as you like in diet matters, count calories as well as a nutritionist, understand molecular molecular features, but there are several eating habits that come from childhood, which still prevent us from stepping on the path to proper nutrition.

Drink food

When in childhood we cried over a bowl of onion soup and porridge with a patty, all adults around – whether it’s mom, grandmother or nanny in kindergarten – refused to understand that it was not tasty, uncomfortable to chew, and it was really hard to swallow food, which seemed to be from of our resistance, it just creaks to the stomach. In order to calm children's tears and sweeten the pill, we were offered to "push through" a hated lunch with the help of sweet tea, compote or lemonade. Now we, of course, are aware that drinking with food worsens digestion, and any drinks other than water add a few dozen extra calories. And still, for some reason, it’s still so hard for us to make at least half-hour intervals between meals, and instead of sugary-sweet tea, reminiscent of a school cafeteria, just drink water and nothing else.

Harmful snacking

However, drinking food is not the biggest sin of today's adherents of healthy eating. If the main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – we somehow learned how to form according to the advice of nutritionists, then with snacks, which, according to the same nutritionists, should be present three times a day, we have big problems. It turned out that it was difficult to overcome the habit of snacking on sandwiches generously buttered with butter and sausage, which our parents carefully collected for our school so that their child would not starve to death during the break and wait for dinner safely. And at home in the evening, we often whiled away the time before dinner in front of the TV with a hard version of our favorite treat – hot sandwiches. Is it any wonder that after so many years of absorbing portions of cholesterol, we are not ready to accept the fact that a snack is 10 almonds, a green apple or a sprig of celery.

Encouraging dessert

Another total mistake of the children's diet is to motivate the child to eat lunch with the help of sweets. In children, it is important to cultivate a culture of nutrition in the same way as rules of conduct, knowledge of rhymes, or a sense of beauty. Therefore, the child must learn to treat food with respect and gratitude, eat what he likes and how much he likes. And do not do your best to get to the end huge portions of tasteless and high-calorie food in the form of “first” and “second”, but as a trophy for your gastronomic feat – get a “prize” in the form of dessert. Naturally, after this approach, we form an incorrect perception of the meal itself, extra pounds in problem areas, as well as an irrepressible craving for sweets, which we now seize on any normal food.

Product uniformity

Proper nutrition is a balanced diet. A balanced diet is a wide variety of products that can saturate us with all the nutrients and vitamins. Even if the diet will consist of healthy products, but its menu will be very scarce, consisting of the same dishes, such a diet will not be healthy, because the body will lose some necessary substances and trace elements. Therefore, even if in childhood you only ate oatmeal for breakfast, mashed potatoes with sausages for lunch and pasta for dinner, in adulthood you should diversify your diet and learn how to experiment with food. Try new products, do not be afraid of unusual combinations, discover new dishes and get acquainted with the cuisine of different countries.

Rest after a meal

“Have you eaten?” Now go take a rest, let the fat bind. ” This authoritatively pronounced phrase from the lips of caring relatives is probably familiar to everyone who hails from post-Soviet childhood. And she is the greatest error of our wise ancestors. In our progressive, but terribly sedentary time, where we spend almost the whole day sitting in the car seat, then in the office chair, then in the restaurant chair at a business meeting, and we end the evening with gatherings on the couch with the family – we need to make our joints desperately move for at least 20 minutes after a hearty lunch or dinner, and not get comfortable in your favorite easy chair.

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