10 brands that make jewelry from recycled materials

The theme of ecology in our time is very relevant, and not only world-famous brands, but also young designers from different countries are now thinking about conscious consumption. Following the list of items from recycled materials, we have compiled a selection of stamps that create original jewelry from a variety of recycled materials.

Celine design

Designer Celine Strömbäck lives and works in Sweden, and for her brand she creates decorative objects and decorations from unusual things. For the manufacture of accessories, it uses computer parts – from wires to buttons from the keyboard and microchips. She makes unusual rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings worth about 25-35 dollars from this raw material.

Circuit Breaker Labs

Amand Presse, a master from Washington, who began to get involved in handicrafts in 14 years, took the computer chips into circulation. Now the girl has her own brand, for which she produces jewelry from old computers, mobile phones, calculators, monitors and other electronic garbage. In its assortment there are brooches, pendants, earrings and other jewelry that will be an excellent gift for fans of electronics.

Bregjes Design

To create their charming jewelry, the designer of this Dutch brand gives a second life to broken dishes. Of course, it uses not ordinary plates, but antique porcelain, complementing it with elements of silver. From this she makes exquisite brooches, pendants and other accessories.


The brand, whose name stands for Maria Cristina Bellucci, is working on colored pencils. Who would have thought that this interesting material could make such interesting rings and necklaces?

Ludmila navarro

The designer of this Spanish brand, Ludmila Navarro, makes exclusive jewelry without damaging the eco-system. And all because the master finds parts for accessories at flea markets and converts them into new luxury products. Her style is different pompous, because each decoration looks like a bouquet of amazing flowers. Complex technology dictates the corresponding price – from 200 to 400 euros.


Skateboarders from Oregon in the United States engaged in the original business. They make decorations from their old skating boards. As it turned out, this tree is very suitable for creating such creative products as earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.

Emiko oye

Emiko from San Francisco also uses original materials for jewelry. The designer makes massive multi-colored jewelry from Lego designer details. Despite the fact that the materials are quite childish, the products of the brand look very impressive and futuristic.


The use of plastic and designer elements was also decided by designers from Paris, who made very custom jewelry by hand. And, unlike the previous brand, the products of this brand look very minimalist.


Designer Juliana Molina Duque also works with unconventional materials. Her trick – handmade earrings in the form of waste from sharpened pencils, which look very nice. Also, the master recycles tassels, also creating from them original earrings of different types.


The creators of this British brand use in their craft and scientific knowledge. They work with inedible food mixtures, mainly derived from fruits and vegetables, which are restaurant waste. Of these, they manually create large jewelery that resembles gemstone accessories. By the way, they also complement products made from grapefruit peel and grated carrots with details made of gold and silver, therefore their cost is from 20 to 200 pounds.

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