World Blondes Day: stylish blondes of secular Kiev

Today, the whole world celebrates International Day of Blondes. We decided not to ignore this holiday, but in honor of it to recall the fair-haired secular heroines who impress us with their outings under the heading “In Details”, inspire us with their style and set an example of how to be different from others.

Elena Burba

Bright images are always surprised by designer Elena Burba. In the collections of her brand, Elena is not afraid of bright colors, unexpected combinations of catchy prints, an abundance of decor in the form of embroidery or applique – in general, all that leaves the girl no chance to go unnoticed anywhere. Elena herself is the perfect personification of her own collections. In each of her outputs, she demonstrates how to look spectacular, regardless of the occasion – whether it is an evening out, cocktail, party or brunch with friends. If jeans – then only paired with a bright coat, if lace – then only with a leopard and velor. Plus multi-colored socks, unusual shoes and designer clutches – these are the techniques by which the designer attracts the attention of photographers at social events.

Olympia Vaitmustash

Another blonde whose images do not leave anyone indifferent – a DJ, model and muse of Ukrainian designers Olympia Vaitmustash. At any social event, she can be recognized by platinum hair and outrageous outfits. It is unlikely that patterns can be traced in the style of the model – today she can appear in a masculine trouser suit, and tomorrow – in a revealing shiny mini with boots. The only thing that unites Olympia's exits is bold decisions: she chooses those things in which other girls cannot even imagine herself mentally. And it always looks the most advantageous in them.

Vasilisa Frolova

TV presenter Vasilisa Frolova has also become a constant heroine on the pages of fashion publications thanks to her style. In her outings, she likes to focus on an unexpected combination of colors, non-banal accessories, experiments with a free silhouette. A TV presenter can rarely be found in tight-fitting or deliberately frank things, unless this is part of self-irony, which is also the main difference between the public image of Vasilisa Frolova.

Sonya Evdokimenko

The face of the young generation of Kiev fashionistas was the 16-year-old model and granddaughter of Sofia Rotaru Sonia Evdokimenko. Despite the fact that the girl has long been a regular guest at fashion weeks, she tries her hand as a model and often becomes the heroine of glossy publications, she leaves bright, elaborate, and too elegant images for filming. At social events that do not require a special dress code, Sonya most often appears in casual things: tight jeans, low-heeled shoes, loose-fitting jackets or dresses without extra decor, as well as pink blotches that add tenderness to the image of a young model.

Olga Navrotskaya

Designer and director Olga Navrotskaya, like a true artist, loves to add a bit of relaxation and hooliganism to any, even the most strict way: ripped jeans paired with a jacket, playful print socks to the dress or a daring leather jacket in a black tie dress code. But it is precisely such notes of non-conformism that make the designer's style recognizable, and the things of her own brand – memorable.

Elizaveta Yurusheva

Elizabeth Yurusheva also prefers stylish and original images for her exits. She repeatedly confessed her love of shopping, as well as in friendship with many Ukrainian designers. Therefore, Elizabeth’s wardrobe has everything – from sports-style things with a funny print to “girls” dresses and elegant classics. What remains unchanged in her outlets is a love of interesting details. This can be embroidery on jeans, a print on a jacket, shoes with decorated heels, a bag of an unusual shape or all together – a business woman does not hesitate to experiment with clothes and attract attention. Recently, however, for evening outings, she is increasingly choosing a win-win monochrome color scheme and elegant trouser suits.

Vera Brezhneva

If on stage fans of Vera Brezhneva are used to seeing her in the image of a diva – in feminine, extravagant or romantic outfits, then out of work the singer relies on simpler basic things with a touch of sports chic: loose jeans, a shirt, versatile white sneakers and carelessly thrown on the shoulders of the coat are the formula for how to look stylish, but not defiant, and at the same time feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. Only at parties where friends and dances are waiting, the singer can choose a more candid outfit with a miniskirt, showing off her perfect legs, but even then she prefers low-speed shoes, which, however, looks no less attractive than on stilettos.

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