With all my might: tricks that help you stick to a diet at work

456363 "width =" 1341 "height =" 826 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/456363.jpg 1280w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/456363-670x412.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1341px) 100vw, 1341px "></p><p class=How, having given yourself a promise on the weekend to go on a diet, not to break it already on Monday? Revision 23-59 found the answer, having studied all the enemies of a slender waist and elastic buttocks that are hiding in your office.

Proper breakfast

In matters of nutrition, as in everything else, the main thing is the right start. If you decide to adhere to any diet or principles of proper nutrition, it is important to start doing this with breakfast. You can not be on a diet from Monday to Friday from 10 to 19 in the evening. A healthy lifestyle does not have days off, siesta or bonus hours of unlimited. Therefore, having overslept breakfast, replacing it with coffee with a donut on the way to work is a bad idea. Even if then all day you will eat spinach leaves and celery smoothies. A proper breakfast is already half the success, which motivates you not to leave the case halfway, breaking down, for example, into harmful snacks during the day.

Lies for the good

More than we discourage ourselves to take, finally, and at least try to change our body, this makes our environment. And there is only one way not to break under its onslaught – blatantly lying, preferably without blushing. Therefore, when your grandmother calls, tell her that you already had a solid lunch with borscht with flat cakes. When Secretary Masha treats you to her own pies, say that you just ate a giant portion of borscht cooked by your grandmother, and you will taste her culinary masterpiece a bit later. When Masha asks two hours later: “Well, did you try my cakes with cherries?”, Assure her that you have never tasted anything better than in your life. Even grandma’s borscht is not so tasty.


The complexity of the diet is not that you need to find the courage to abandon any foods, but that it requires discipline and control. The fact is that dietary or proper nutrition cannot be spontaneous. Useful, fresh and low-calorie foods just can’t be found on the way to the office or in the store nearest to your home, unlike a juicy burger, a sweet custard cake with a glass of latte or a sandwich with dubious filling and freshness. As an adherent of healthy eating, you should become a real pedant in matters related to food: make an approximate menu for the next couple of days, prepare meals yourself to avoid excessive doses of salt, sugar, oil, carefully pack food in containers, but not at work Be shy with these containers to go for a group dinner. It sounds awful only at the start of the journey. Over time, you will become accustomed to cooking in a double boiler, living without sugar, taking carrots as a dessert, and not paying attention to colleagues' jokes about your little ships on the corporate day.


We are always afraid to break the vow of proper nutrition at general holidays, social events, family feasts. But unlike rare celebrations, the real danger lies in wait at the office every day. Everlasting chocolates on the table of the accountant Yulia, evening pizza, which is traditionally completed by the technical department guys, a vase with sweets, provocatively posing at the reception, free tea, coffee and waffles, which your company demonstrates caring for employees. And every day you need to build your route of movement through the workspace so that none of these gastronomic sins by pure chance or “for company” gets into your mouth, but even into your hands.

Mind games

It's no secret to anyone that dependence on food is more a psychological trap than a requirement of the body. Therefore, in order to refrain from harmful, fast and indecently high-calorie snacks, for example, in the form of fragrant brownies, which your project partners respectfully sent to you, nutrition specialist Robin Jukelis advises you to outwit your brain. The famous doctor claims that if you had a desire to feast on brownies, as soon as he caught your eye, you need to relax, drink a glass of water and count out two minutes. If after this time you still want to bake, you can afford a small piece. But most often, after a couple of minutes and several sips of water, this desire completely disappears. After all, the brain gives the signal to eat at the sight of a delicious dessert, and not the stomach, which is already full and does not even moan when it sees a favorite treat.

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