While we are at home: the most stylish slippers

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Monki Slippers

Monki is a Swedish brand that was founded in 2006. The main feature is a blend of Scandinavian spirit with Asian street style. Cozy slippers made of faux fur are perfect for a home pajama party with friends or for evening watching a movie with your family or loved one. The most important thing is that they not only warm, but also cheer you up, as they are decorated with two eyes and look like a little furry monster. What you need for a boring and cold winter.

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Website: http://www.monki.com/gb/Archive/Fluffy_slippers/262019-13620594.1

Pink slippers Forester

A characteristic feature of the Forester brand is that the design of their shoes is developed by young designers from different countries. The upper and insole of the slippers are made of genuine leather, and the sole is made of porous rubber. A pleasant pink color, a lining in the form of multi-colored mosaics make this model not just ordinary home attributes, but also a stylish wardrobe element. In such shoes you can safely meet guests or run to a neighbor for coffee – your taste will not go unnoticed.

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Website: http://myforester.com.ua/product/tapochki-forester-1070-130-141.html

Fluffy Ann Summers slippers

To begin with, it should be said that Ann Summers is a British brand that produces underwear and erotic accessories. Knowing this information, the most ordinary home slippers instantly take on a completely different character! If you decide to surprise your lover, choose this particular model and enjoy the result. Shoes are made of nylon and decorated with feathers.

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Website: http://www.asos.com/

Vizali Fur Slippers

Vizali is a Ukrainian brand of handmade shoes with an unusual catchy design. A huge plus – a variety of models and colors, as well as natural fur in the decoration. But this is far from the main thing that needs to be emphasized. A distinctive feature of Vizali slippers is that with the onset of spring or summer, you can safely go out for walks in them. The trend that was so popular last season will surely migrate to the next. Therefore, if you are looking for the right pair for your pajama bow, the Vizali range will seem interesting to you.

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Website: https://www.facebook.com/vizali.handmade/

Gray slippers with Daisy Street heart

Who run the world? Girls! If you are one hundred percent agree with this statement, then slippers with the inscription "Girl Power" – this is exactly what you need. At a minimum, they should be purchased in order to remind everyone of who the boss is here! A universal gray color, an open toe, a non-slip sole – this is what makes these slippers an almost indispensable element of a home wardrobe. To raise the mood, it is recommended from time to time to glance at the inscription and increase self-esteem.

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UGG slippers

This list could not be considered complete without the king of slippers – the UGG brand. Gray slippers are made of natural soft sheepskin, light and durable, they will definitely become the main winter favorites. Fur shale with a bow look, at least, funny. Well, we are silent about comfort. After all, it was UGG that produced the very shoes that are no longer the first generation of girls and refuses to change to other super-trending alternatives.

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Website: http://www.ugg.com/womens-slippers/

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