What to wear this winter: the most trendy hats

Not so long ago, we discussed which hats in the upcoming winter season should be discarded or at least postponed until better times, until they again become relevant, following the cyclical fashion principle. Now we are ready to answer the main question: if the beanie hats, fedora and caps are out of date, then what to wear? We tell you!

Leather or fur beret

We talked about the fact that classic berets in the style of reference romantic heroines from French films this season lost their relevance. But if you nevertheless determined to take the best form of headgear for yourself, it may remain in your seasonal bow. Just bet on more modern models of leather, vinyl, fur and other non-conventional materials.


The most unexpected trend among hats was the balaclava. On the catwalk, this accessory was officially given the go-ahead by Gucci, Calvin Klein and even Chanel. So if for some reason there is still no balaclava in your wardrobe, it's time to get it right now. Moreover, in the conditions of our harsh winter, this is the only hat that can really make your walks in the cold weather not so unbearable.


Another very simple and practical way to protect your head from winter winds is the hood. No, you do not have to look for a jacket or a down jacket with a hood. Now the hood can be worn as a separate part of the image and combine it with any outerwear – at least with a down jacket, even with an elegant coat. For the most fragile fashionistas who are used to spending winters in warm countries, there is a life hack – designers are allowed to wear a hood on a hat or on another hood. Moreover, it can be from any texture – fur, knitted, tweed, leather, from raincoat fabric.

Marine style caps

Rigid tweed caps with a small navy-style visor are at the peak of their popularity. If you want to turn from a usual everyday bow into the heroine of a street style – just put on a black cap. Such a simple reason. This season it goes under everything – from coats and sheepskin coats to down jackets and fur coats.

Sports hats

Instead of an oversized beanie this winter, fashion experts advise giving preference to knitted hats in a sports style – those worn by desperate skiers, snowboarders or fashionistas in ski resorts. Ap├Ęs-ski is the perfect setting to look stylish this season not only during the winter holidays in snowy landscapes, but also in the city.

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