What to wear this summer: "Daddy's" sandals

After the trend on "daddy's" sneakers – massive and old-school, as in the late 90s IT geeks and American students wore – the time came for "daddy's" sandals. How do you imagine this shoe? That is how it is recommended to wear it! A wide sports sole, straps for fixing the foot, Velcro instead of zippers and socks in a pair (incredibly, fashion experts give a go-ahead for this combination).

How come?

Dr. Annabella Pollen, a professor of art history and design at the University of Brighton, commented in a commentary on The Independent that fashion for the “Daddy's” sandal is dated by the end of the 19th century, when socialists “sought to transform all aspects of life, including clothing. It was part of their policy. ” The recognition and symbol of freedom "father's" sandals received even in the 60s and 70s, in the era of hippies, which made a huge impact on street fashion.

Since then, awkward men's sandals have appeared on fashionistas in different interpretations. “Hippies viewed sandals as a means to free their legs and proximity to the ground, while feminists wore flat sandals as resistance to tight restrictions on the female body,” explains Pollen.

The latest wave of the revival of the trend for the most comfortable shoes in the world was accompanied by the emergence of new fashionable hobbies – hiking, trekking, global sports promotion. Now 12,000 steps a day is an important distance that every citizen of a big city tries to overcome, sometimes even for the sake of it, giving a day off to his car. And in order to master such a movement, you need really comfortable shoes, and not a low heel, which seems only comfortable compared to the stylets.

On the other hand, in addition to the functional component, the "daddy's" sandals are so ridiculous that they became a bit of irony and camp in street style before they climbed up to the podiums of Chloe, Gucci and Prada. Now they are all taken seriously.

How to wear?

Fashion insiders and fashion editors urge not to be shy of even the most grotesque shoe models, asserting that "the worse, the better." However, they also say that father's sandals are important to balance with something light, romantic or unexpected.

So, massive sandals can be worn in a pair with a dress in a floral print, with ruffles, with old school "mother's" jeans (a case when you can play on nostalgia for the 90th) or with multi-colored trouser suits, playing on the contrast.

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