What to wear in summer: two bags in one look

The idea to carry two bags at the same time is far from new. Especially if you have a lot of things you might need during the day: a laptop, a notebook, a useful snack, a book to pass the time in traffic, a purse, a jump rope to burn calories right at the workplace, jewelry or other accessories that will turn Cocktail Day Bow In general, the options for what can be filled with a bag of a modern girl – weight. That is why, to fit all this inventory, one accessory is not enough.

Two bags are always better than one. The designers of the most reputable brands agree with this. So, within the framework of the show SS19 Chanel presented a model with two bags on straps-chains, interconnected on the chest.

Gucci also presented its version of similar bags from the same series. A brand Loewe gave eclectic motifs to the bow, combining knitted bags with traditional leather over the shoulder.

Oddly enough, the trend, which looked on the catwalk in two ways, quickly caught on among the fashionistas. Moreover, fashion experts say that it’s not even practical, but the influence of fashion – the layering and mix of different textures that have only recently been popular in clothes, have now shifted the focus towards accessories.

How to wear?

In order not to look with two bags, like an exhausted intern who was assigned a lot of things, and even things dropped into the bargain, you should experiment with proportions, colors and texture. Although, as the stars of street style show, there are no clear rules in the new trend – someone chooses just similar models of bags, someone mixes them in color, someone complements the bag with a string bag, and someone connects them by tying long pens.

Two similar bags

The easiest way to stylize two bags is to choose the most similar models. As they say in Vogue – "sisters, but not twins." They must be from the same brand line, but may differ in color or decor.

Bag + string bag

To give the image of relaxed and Provencal chic, a bag with which you could go to a business meeting can be worn in a pair with a shopping bag filled with books and some pretty knickknacks. Separate work and rest in different cases – isn't it a good idea?

Bag + transparent bag package

If last year’s trend with transparent bags this summer seems to you to be a bit worn out, you can refresh it with a reception – add a bright bag to it in a couple, transforming the old trend into a new one.

Two identical bags of different sizes

Another easy way to beat a double bag image is to take just two absolutely identical bags, but in different sizes. These are in almost every lineup. What could be easier?

Two bags with small handles

Or you can take two bags of about the same size and texture, but contrasting in color. The main thing is that they are united by the way of wearing – bags with small handles in one hand.

Two bags with long straps

In contrast to the previous trend, you can take two bags with long straps, as models did at the Marques’Almeida SS19 show.

Straps crosswise

According to the principle of a double Chanel bag, which connects the straps on the chest, as if twisting them crosswise, you can wear the bags over both shoulders in the same way.

Combine the third accessory

Another option is to combine two bags with each other in some detail so as not to lose one of them on the go. It can be a brooch, key chain, strap or anything that fantasy leads you to.

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