What is a lampshading trend and what to wear with?

They started talking about the lampshading trend last year, and did not take it very warmly. But as is often the case with conflicting trends, which at first cause bewilderment, the lampshading trend is beginning to strengthen its position among fashionable enthusiasts.

Lampshading trend is an image that resembles a lampshade in silhouette: leg-fitting shoes and oversized knee-high tops. The first to experiment with the trend were the Kardashian-Jenner sisters, who combined bright treads and voluminous hoodies in the defiant bow. Later this idea was picked up by Rihanna, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Chiara Ferragni, Elena Perminova and other fashion influencers.

Like any other trend, lampshading evolves and adapts to the needs of a wider audience. So, if earlier he appeared in a careless combination of defiant over-boots and a sports sweatshirt or sweater, creating the impression that his owner in a hurry threw herself the first thing that came to hand, now lampshading can be a more thoughtful and sustained outfit where the over-boots vary from high golfs, and a sports jacket is replaced by a shirt-dress, a loose-fitting jacket and even a coat, which allows us to consider the “lampshade trend” as a new look at the business style.

We offer several options for your note.

The most textbook version of lampshading is a duet of a voluminous long hoodie that can be worn as a dress, and over-the-knee socks, which are also a combination of defiant sexuality and sporty chic. In this mix of things you can go to conquer everyday life, as well as dance at the best parties in the fall.

Hoody Zara, Mango boots

A cozy woolen sweater in a shade of cocoa is a must have in an October wardrobe. It can be combined with anything – from jeans to classic trousers – and look equally advantageous. However, the most relevant decision of the season will be the combination of such a sweater with high boots at low speed and a leather beret – another hit of the season. In this form, you can check in at a fashionable brunch or go for a walk in the park with a dog – be sure that you will not leave anyone indifferent to yourself.

Beret Covernumberone, Zara Boots, Tamar Sweater

Office uniforms can turn into a very boring and effective look, if you show more imagination. And even provocative lampshading here might work. A long blue shirt with embroidery, a blue jacket of a straight cut and uncompromising velvet over the knee boots – in this form, you can go straight from the office and conquer the best secular sites of the city.

Stradivarius shirt, Tago jacket, Zara boots

Another way to make a cozy, and even a modest autumn bow from a frank lampshade silhouette is to choose knitted gray knee-high socks with a Scandinavian pattern instead of bright over-boots. A gray striped shirt dress, a warm textile coat with a fur collar and white boots with a stable wide heel are ideal for walking through the rustling leaves under your feet or gatherings in the bar with a glass of mulled wine.

Zara Coat, Happy Peppy Knee Socks, Bershka Shirt, Mango Boots

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