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In the Wanted section, we share the novelties from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today our wishlist contains unusual masks with iontophoresis technology. We noticed a novelty from a Russian company with an unpretentious name MaskaMaska in the ranking of the most promising technologies in the world according to Sephora Paris (the tool entered the top 10). We will tell you about the principles of the “smart” mask operation and what results should be expected from its use (and whether it is worth it).

The days of simple cloth masks are over. Now the beauty market is full of “smart” high-tech devices that are ready to replace going to a beautician. Let us recall at least masks with a full range of LED light therapy that can connect to a smartphone! Russian developers are not lagging behind and recently presented a mobile device for cosmetological electrophoresis, which works in tandem with masks.

How it works?

The whole procedure is automated, that is, you do not need to configure any parameters. It looks like an ordinary sheet mask, but it is based on non-injection therapy (electrophoresis). This is one of the cosmetic techniques designed to combat premature aging. The mask seems to be painted with flowers: in fact, this is not a decor at all, but special conductive paths, electrodes.

We asked Oksana Temirbekova, the creator and head of the company, to tell about the principle of the gadget in more detail. She explained that the device attaches to a mask and connects to electrodes that carry an electric current. With the help of the current, nutrients from the serum penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, thereby accelerating tissue regeneration.

A circular device is attached to the mask. It creates an electromagnetic field in which substances, like magnets, are attracted to the skin and penetrate deeply (more precisely, by 2 mm, and, of course, without damaging the skin). The manufacturer promises that at this time there is an activation of blood flow, vasodilation, pores shrink, tone evens out.

Due to this, according to the creators of the mask, the skin is intensively moisturized, the appearance of acne is reduced, the production of collagen is increased and the lymphatic drainage effect is exerted.

This technology does not change the pH of the skin, unlike standard electrophoresis. On the back of the mask there is a white backing – it is a hydrogel with a substance that regulates the pH on the electrodes during the procedure.

The mask cannot be used in case of individual intolerance to its components, body temperature above 37.5, epilepsy with frequent seizures, hysteria, psychosis, infectious diseases in the acute stage, neoplasms, the presence of a pacemaker, hypertension of the III degree, severe exhaustion of the patient (cachexia), abruptly severe atherosclerosis of cerebral vessels, systemic blood diseases, diseases of the cardiovascular system in the stage of decompensation and heart rhythm disturbances.

It costs not cheap – 9,990 rubles, this is the price for a mobile device and a set of five replaceable masks with hyaluronic acid. Each box contains a MaskaMaska device, a charging cable, instructions and a smart mask.

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