Wanted: Lost In Wonder Autumn Collection by Jo Malone London

In the Wanted section, we share the novelties from the world of beauty that you want to get right now. Today in our wishlist is a collection of fragrances from Jo Malone London, inspired by one of the seven wonders of the world. The Lost In Wonder line includes two new fragrances, Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine, and a shower gel scrub.

Both Fig & Lotus Flower and Cypress & Grapevine from the Lost In Wonder collection, according to the authors, should take us to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The idea for the line came from Celine Roux, the head of the international fragrance development department, in 2016. Then she visited the exhibition, which presented images of the fabulous gardens of the ancient world, she was especially fascinated by the story of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

In order to convey the essence of this phenomenon as accurately as possible, she studied many books and consulted with a professor of archeology at Oxford. According to legend, the almighty king laid a garden on the hills with decorative trees and ponds for his wife, who yearned for her native land. It was this story that later formed the basis of two fragrances of the brand.

Fig & Lotus Flower Cologne is a light floral composition perfect for the transition from hot summer to cool autumn. It smells of lotus and bunches of ripe, juicy figs heated in the sun. The creator of the fragrance, perfumer Alexis Dadier, drew on his personal memories of the time spent in the south of France, where there are many fig trees.

Nose used a combination of natural and synthetic extracts including lactone, a milky note to simulate a delicate pulp.

Cypress & Grapevine is spicy with piney notes of cypress, obtained by steam distillation of twigs and needles. The woody notes of grapevine and rich amber hints in the trail of the composition give warmth. The fragrance may seem quite masculine to many, compared to other Cologne Intense compositions, all thanks to the fougere accord. This is a combination of notes that are usually used in masculine compositions. Traditionally, these include lavender, geranium and moss.

Perfumers added a note of white musk to create a long-lasting sillage without weighing the composition down. It completes the look, gradually revealing itself on the skin, as if you are walking in a real garden.

We asked perfumers Sophie Labbe and Alexis Dadier about the new compositions.

How did you decide what the compositions of the two fragrances should be? How has your visit to the exhibition influenced the development of fragrances?

As we studied the materials, we learned that the king enjoyed picking ripe figs in the garden for breakfast, and that the deliciously scented lotus flowers adorned the receptions. The vine is reminiscent of the wine served at such celebrations, surrounded by cypress trees.

Initially, we planned to build Fig & Lotus Flower around the tart notes of figs, to create a deep, sensual scent. But when they analyzed everything that they saw at the exhibition, they realized: in reality, the figs were surrounded by lush flowers, plants and streams. As soon as we noticed the lotus flowers, the perfect combination was immediately born. From this point on, we focused on the notes of fresh figs surrounded by lotus.

Fig & Lotus Flower cologne – 4 350 rubles. (30 ml), 8 700 (100 ml)

Cologne Cypress & Grapevine Intense – 6 900 rubles. (50 ml), 10 500 (100 ml)

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