Wanted: 5 products of the Russian brand of natural cosmetics SmoRodina

Enzyme and alginate masks, candles that can be used to make aroma massage, mousse masks, hydrolates with natural flowers inside the bottle, numerous natural depilatory products, konjac sponges for skin cleansing – all this (and even more) can be found at the SmoRodina brand. We have collected the top 5 products from the manufacturer of natural cosmetics from Magnitogorsk.

SmoRodina is a young brand of natural cosmetics from Magnitogorsk, which has been actively developing since 2017. The brand could be considered an ordinary youth eco-startup, if not for one thing: in their work, brand experts do not use contract manufacturing and do not just buy ingredients of European quality (some have a Cosmos Organic certificate) and put them in jars. The founders of SmoRodina carefully select the ingredients and think over the recipe, therefore 96-100% natural ingredients are used in the compositions of the products.

The first product was depilation paste, then hydrolates, scrubs, alginate masks and hydrophilic oils appeared in the assortment. The brand’s cosmetics can already be bought in 100 cities of Russia (soon deliveries will begin in the USA as well).

The brand is not promoted (in “L’etoile” or “Golden Apple” you will not find it), but, as it seems to us, it is very promising. The site of SmoRodina is thought out to the smallest detail, the jars are very “instagramable”, the compositions are natural, the prices are reasonable, the production is environmentally friendly – but what else does a beauty brand need to be successful in 2020?

Zero-waste eye patches (1 249 rubles)

There are three types of patches in the collection: Anti-wrinkle (from mimic wrinkles), Deep Hydration (moisturizing) and Refreshing (to relieve swelling and fatigue). It contains a peptide complex, extracts of anigosantose flower and cornflower, vitamins A, E, F, caffeine, green tea and an active ingredient from the nasturtium flower.

Each product is carefully packaged in a gift box containing a 30 ml eye serum gel and four reusable organic hemp cutouts in the form of patches in a special metal case.

And then we proceed according to the “do it yourself” scheme: we apply the gel to the clippings, apply it to the area around the eyes, and then simply wash off the gel from the patches and dry the clippings on a special panel right on the case (they are suitable for reuse).

Unlike hydrogel patches, which were considered the most environmentally friendly option, zero-waste is not disposable. The number of used “parts” from patches (plastic form, packaging) is several times less. And the sensations and effect of the products are the same as from patches from the usual material.

Enzyme skin care system: Enzyme Face Cleancer powder and Enzyme Face Mask (720 rubles and 590 rubles)

Enzymes act as a plant protein hydrolase enzyme, performing their main functions – cleansing the skin and preserving the skin lipid, its natural protective film. Powder consists of papaya and pineapple enzymes, they also remove dry dead cells. Thanks to light peeling, the skin seems to begin to breathe, becomes softer, smoother and more readily absorbs nutrients.

Alginate mask Young Skin with spirulina and chlorella (499 rubles)

The main active ingredients of the mask are extracts of spirulina, chlorella and myoxinol (yes, those that nutritionists advise to add to the daily diet). They have a tonic effect on the skin, thereby stimulating collagen production and contouring the face. We do not believe that only one product can smooth out mimic wrinkles (although we really want to), but to make up for the lack of moisture – completely!

Vitamin face serum (1 190 rubles)

The active ingredient Aquaxyl in the serum makes the product an ideal makeup base. It prevents transepidermal moisture loss from the skin, and orange essential oil increases ceramide synthesis and improves skin elasticity.

Natural candle for aroma massage “Sicily” (1,150 rubles)

Italians know a lot about pleasure. The citrus scent of Sicily will help recreate the natural candle of the same name.

Notes of lemon balm, ylang-ylang and mandarin will relieve fatigue and tension. The very thing is when you need to exhale and relax. This candle is ideal for massage, it is oily, and the temperature of the molten wax is not harmful to the skin. You just need to light a candle, wait 5-10 minutes and pour a small amount of oil into your palm.

You can find brand funds not only on the website, but also from distributors – 4Fresh, Ozon, Wildberries.

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