TOP 5 star pet instagram accounts

Stars are such stars! They absolutely do not need to post seals to collect likes and comments by the thousands. It is not surprising that when they nevertheless deliver this forbidden blow to the fans or even start their own furry favorites a separate instagram – these weapons of mass destruction are simply doomed to success!

French Bulldog Lady Gaga, 240 thousand subscribers

Cutie Miss Asia was clearly born under a lucky star: the dog has a wardrobe that any Kiev party girl could envy, and even diamond earrings, for which they really pierced her ears (animal defenders rallied under the windows of Gaga for more than one day!) Lady Gaga created her dog such stellar conditions are not just like that – she was always confident in the artistry and creative inclinations of her pet. And not in vain! Miss Asia recently met the expectations of the hostess and became the face of the brand #Coach!

Burmese cat Karl Lagerfeld, 97 thousand subscribers

Just start to envy! Baby Chupette has a private jet, luxurious photoshoots, she participates in fashion shows, is shot for the covers of glossy magazines (including Vogue), and inspires world brands to create capsule collections! Not only did this pussy find a very successful “daddy”, it can also provide for itself! According to New York Magazine, Chupette's account earns 3 million euros per year on advertising posts!

Bull Terrier Mark Jacobs, 201 thousand followers

#saturdaynightspecial (from @papermagazine a while back)

A post shared by Neville Jacobs (@nevillejacobs) on Mar 11, 2017 at 5:46 pm PST

Neville Jacobs is not just a photogenic male! Yes, he starred in the campaigns of his eminent owner, but in addition he also performs much more intellectual and creative work! Neville maintains a blog on the website of the American magazine LOVE, helps Mark with a sewing machine, recently published his own book, “I am Mark’s dog,” and is engaged in social projects to save fighting dogs from abuse!

Paris Hilton Zoo, 102 thousand subscribers

Paris – a girl exalted even regarding the maintenance of pets. In her mansion live chihuahua, French bulldogs, hamsters, small pigs, cats, a dwarf pig, rabbits and a rare Pomeranian Spitz Princess Paris the Younger, which Paris the Elder bought for 13 thousand dollars, like the smallest spitz in the world! All the children of Paris in action: they advertise clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, act in gloss – in a word, they work out mom’s love!

Bichon Frize Nastya Kamenskih, 6,330 followers

@miminskux @nkblog @kamenskux # bishon # pet # dog # sweety #bishonfrise #frise #sweety

A post shared by @miminskux on Oct 3, 2016 at 1:37 am PDT

Last year, Nastya was given a long dream, since then the singer periodically uploads new photos of a white mimicry dog ​​to the network, which, by the way, is called Mimi. So far, Kamensky’s favorite cannot boast of a stellar career and earned fortune, but the hostess is happy! Here the society for the protection of animals can be calm – animal labor is not exploited!

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