Top 5 Lifehacks for Star Holidays

The stars do not go to the all-inclusive – they (or rather, their managers) book luxury villas in the most juicy and likeable places in the world. But to make your vacation as perfect as theirs, do not forget about a few chips if you want to settle …

Next door to Sarah Jessica Parker or Britney Spears

Go to Puerto Rico or Hawaii! And to make the transatlantic flight cheaper for you, look for tickets 1.5-2 months before departure – no later and no earlier! Moreover, it is advisable to fly in the off-season – in the spring, because from mid-January to early March airlines set the lowest fares! Plus – choose working days, not the end of the week – this will also significantly reduce the cost of the flight.

In a hotel with Gwyneth Paltrow or Natalie Portman

These young ladies love Italy. It does not matter which city you choose – Rome, Florence – the stars simply adore this country with its amazing cultural heritage. And in order for you to see him for sure, you should wear it in advance, which museums should be booked long before departure! For example, in the Milan church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, where the fresco of Leonardo da Vinci is located, the Last Supper, you need to get on the electronic line at least a couple of months before the expected date. And if you are also going to other places – choose the first Sunday of the month – these days admission to Italian museums is free.

On a neighboring street with Beyoncé or Penelope Cruz

You – in Saint-Tropez! The place is already expensive, and if you also choose beautiful restaurants on the promenade, in which the stars love to enjoy sea views, you can fly into the cost of a small car. But, even in the most luxurious establishments of Saint-Tropez there are business lunches, during which the menu is 20-30% cheaper. And do not be shy to come at this particular time – fans of Saint-Tropez Bono and Jerry Halliwell, for example, for rational consumption, will also not miss such an opportunity!

Closer to Leonardo DiCaprio or Heidi Klum

These guys love to kiss on the Italian island of Sardinia. But flights within Europe have a slightly different pricing system than transatlantic ones, so the rule of two months does not apply here. The cheapest tickets in Europe can be fished out for 54 and 10 days before departure. What do you need to guess so that the reservation date falls on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the cheapest time on these days is from 14:00 to 16:00.

Not far from Anna Wintour or Lindsay Lohan

These women adore Greece – continental and island. And in principle, they try to choose more secluded places. It’s only for you! Instead of the hyped Chalkidiki, which raise prices from season to season, see the lesser known, but much more picturesque Parga region! A steep Greek-style villa there will cost as much as half-empty apartments in Kassandra. And do not forget that every day there are special offers at certain hotels, and at Airbnb, thanks to an interactive map, it is easy and convenient to find a colorful villa right on the seashore at a more favorable price than a hotel.

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