TOP-5 instagram accounts for the “doused month”

You could never have heard of this, but today is the second day of Easter – “pouring water on us!” On this holiday, the boys walked around the village with buckets and poured water over the girls, supposedly purifying them from the “unclean spirit”. We do not offer you to ask for wet clothes and leaking mascara! Better just look at the most inspiring instagram accounts, which have a lot of water!

@haakeaulana, 145 thousand subscribers

Haa Keaula is a Hawaiian surfer girl. She rides a surf and shoots it on camera. Her photos and videos amaze with the power of the elements, human fearlessness (Haa often swims with sharks!) And the unearthly beauty of Hawaiian wreaths of exotic flowers. Watch to relieve stress, enjoy and save money on surfing lessons!

@steyr, 6040 followers

Ukrainian businessman and traveler Vitaliy Pototsky is in the most beautiful places in Ukraine and the world. And given the fact that he has repeatedly become the country's best iPhoneographer, there is something to see in his account! Tropical beaches, fjords, bays, marinas and ports … water – at least flood!

@paulnicklen, 3.1 million followers

Paul Nicklen is one of National Geographic's most celebrated photojournalists and co-founder of Sea Legacy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the ocean. Paul’s account is simply amazing footage of underwater filming, oceanic landscapes, marine life and unique natural phenomena. These are probably the most impressive shots of water on Instagram!

@charitywater, 330K subscribers

Every tenth person in the world does not have access to clean water! And the Charitywater charity is committed to bringing drinking water to the driest and poorest regions of the world. The organization has already provided 7 million people, and personally you can also give water to one in need for just $ 30.

@evianwater, 47.4 thousand subscribers

You do not live in Africa, but do you forget to drink your 2 liters per day? Then subscribe to the Instagram account of the most legendary water producer in the world! In addition to a creative reminder, you will also get many ideas for selfies and beautiful Instagram posts! And drink a glass of water straight now! And better – two!

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