The most controversial trend of the season – tights in the net

A fashion hit or a tasteless echo of the past is up to you to decide. But the fact is that fishnet tights are now again at the peak of popularity!

In the 50s, they complemented the images of pin-up girls, in the 70s they were associated with punks, in the 90s they were an integral part of the grunge style, and nowadays, pantyhose in the net have become another way to stand out from the crowd that is actively used by girls.

From fashion bloggers to mass-market brands, Kim Kardashian and Rihanna, the net quickly conquered the world of fashion and even cinema.

What is the only image of Harley Quinn from the "Suicide Squad", which last year became the most sought after for Halloween. Hot, right?


Of course, few people decide to wear tights in a net like Margot Robbie, so it-girls offer more mundane, but no less effective solutions. For example, wear them under ripped jeans, with shorts, denim skirts, sneakers, or at least replace them with the same mesh socks.


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