The best street-style images of UFW from Adam Katz specifically for 23-59

Adam Katz Sinding is considered the best street-style photographer in the world, as evidenced by hundreds of unique photos in his super-popular blog about street fashion and continuous shooting for publications that do not require submission, such as, W magazine, T style magazine, L'Officiel France and many others. But he received his fame as the “king of the streets” for a reason – Adam has a phenomenal ability to seize the moment and intuitively snatch the brightest heroes from the crowd. Even if you accidentally passed by, rushing to work and putting on in the morning what came to hand, once in the lens of this person, you automatically turn into an icon of street style.

A week ago, Adam visited Ukraine for the fourth time, before that he had visited Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days three times, making street style reports for the American magazine W magazine. This time, the goal of the famous photographer was to visit the presentation of the new project of Elizabeth Yurusheva, site Inspired by Ukrainian fashionistas who came to get acquainted with a freshly launched Internet resource and support their favorite designers, and their style, Adam Katz conducted a street style shooting specifically for our project. It turned out, in our opinion, very atmospheric and inspiring, however, Adam doesn’t have a different way. In addition to the colorful fall foliage and textured landscapes of the Mystetskyi Arsenal, the lens of the world famous photographer included Elizaveta Yurusheva with her son Daniel, Yulia Pelipas, Lilya Litkovskaya, Oleksiy Prishchepa, Olimpia Whitemustache, Valya Grishchenko, Natalya Kamenskaya, Inga Vishnevonskaya Ukraina and others .



Lilya Litkovskaya


Julia Pelipas



Olimpia whitemustache



Elizaveta Yurusheva with her son Daniel



Valya Grishchenko



Natalya Kamenskaya and Inga Vishnevskaya



Alexey Prischepa



Ella Kandyba
















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