Take It Off Immediately: Top Fashion Antitrends

VectorFemaleFashionShoppers420 "width =" 1024 "height =" 640 "srcset =" https://23-59.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/VectorFemaleFashionShoppers420.jpg 1024w, https: // 23-59. com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/VectorFemaleFashionShoppers420-670x419.jpg 670w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px "></p><p>A girl from Eastern Europe does not need a “I love NY” t-shirt to be mistaken for a tourist. We determine our “friends” instantly, and if you see a stranger in a short tight-fitting dress, shoes with a hidden platform and a Louis Vuitton bag at breakfast in London or Turkey, contact “Hello” – you won’t be mistaken. In love for ostentatious luxury and logos, only residents of the Middle East can compare with us, where the new collections of world brands do not survive sales. Although they don’t have the opportunity to appear in public as a go-go dancer for obvious reasons, they unite us and the wives of oil kings with one desire: to demonstrate the availability of money to the world, even if you have to go to cheat and unscrupulously thank Karl Lagerfeld on Instagram for a fake bag Chanel. “Trendy” nymphs firmly established a stereotype in the minds of foreigners about the appearance of girls from the CIS, but not only hypersexual style markers I can guarantee you the label “bad manners” and “bad taste”. We understand what urgently needs to clean the wardrobe. And don’t try to give things from our list to girlfriends, but you still have to go out together! Better to burn them and immediately.</p><p>Artificial Beauty Attributes</p><p>Let's start with the main thing: puffy artificial lips, false eyelashes to eyebrows, tattooing, hair extensions and nails – this should have been eliminated five years ago, but it’s never too late to come to your senses. Make-up artists of world beauty brands also note our overwhelming fascination with tonal means and bright make-up, which even a young girl with a natural blush makes her look like a travesty show star. Of course, it’s cheaper and faster to grow hair or apply foundation in several layers than drink vitamins, eat right, do not forget about daily care and do procedures in the salon. Luxury is the opportunity to leave home without makeup and not be afraid to lose a few strands in bed with a guy. Yes, health requires investment, but they more than pay off.</p><p>Inappropriate image</p><p>The very concept of a dress code causes boredom and a desire to show your rebellious spirit, but its observance is a manifestation of elementary politeness. If you are invited to a black tie party, take the trouble to find a floor dress and stilettos or sandals. We didn’t think that we would have to write about this separately, but the experience of attending such events forces us: boots and orthopedic shoes on a comfortable heel on the red carpet are not welcome. Even in winter. Even when it’s snowing outside. It’s better to take advantage of the experience of grandmothers who took replaceable shoes to the theater. By the way, about the theater. Of course, you will be allowed into the hall even in jeans, but you always need to remember the relevance. This applies to the military color at 10 am, and high heels for a picnic, and dresses with a deep neckline at a workshop. Things that are suitable for going to a club or to a cocktail party in other situations look ridiculous and offensive.</p><p><img loading=

Trying to be someone else

Glossy magazines have long waged a campaign to approve uniform model standards that we have been trying to meet all our lives. Reluctantly and very slowly, fashion editors began to realize that the world is not limited to models with zero size and that it is normal to have shapes. Confirmation of this is the success of Gigi Hadid with magnificent breasts and non-public booty. We are still trying to fit into jeans that are not our size. Ok, we pulled in a stomach and managed to fasten a zipper on things of the size XS. The trouble is that only you see the tag, but those around you – squeezed chest and bulging sides. Do not be fooled, and why? Each woman is beautiful regardless of her physique, height or weight, it is only important to emphasize the merits (not to be confused with bare).

Obsessive following trends

Each season, we observe the birth of a new trend, which fashion analysts could not imagine. Knitted boots, wedge sneakers, floor skirts made of cheap chiffon blurred the girls' minds and turned them into a crowd of clones. The harmful effects of the above wardrobe items on the aesthetic feelings of others have been said repeatedly, but next year a new must-have and a new wave of followers will appear. Do not get fooled. Look for your style, and if cool things fit into it – fine. The rest is from the evil one.

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