Summer 2019: the most fashionable types of piercing in the ears

Piercing is a cultural tradition that has existed for thousands of years and still does not lose its relevance. Of course, trends are changing and the habits of African tribes no longer fit into our everyday images, but still the fashion for earrings does not subside.

The most common option is a puncture in the ears, and this season you can select a whole list of interesting trends.


It is reported that the number of requests "Ear piercings" on Pinterest this year increased by 565%, so piercing the ears in several places at once is a hot trend.
In this case, miniature carnations look very impressive, which can be mixed with rings and short chains. There are a million variants of stylish combinations, so you should experiment.


From the maximum to the minimum. Fans of restrained style will like concise piercing types that are no less relevant. Very elegant look earrings in the form of thin lines, mini-carnations and simple geometric shapes.


Decorations with such elements look quite catchy, so it is important to choose your ideal shape. It can be one short-chain earring, or a cuff connecting the upper cartilage and the earlobe.


The combination of studs with different stones, for example, opals, looks even more impressive. The main thing is that they all be miniature and not weigh down the ear.


Interesting compositions can be created with the help of rings. They can be from different metals and different diameters, but they will still look organic.

Current piercing types:

– in the center of the ear;

– in the middle of the cartilage;

– industrial piercing (two punctures for a long barbell earring);

– trestle piercing (the area of ​​cartilage that protrudes from the center of the ear);

– piercing the rook (corner puncture on the thickest crease inside the ear in its upper part);

– orbital piercing (puncture in two places for wearing round earrings).

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