Shelter from the rain: stylish raincoats and trench coats from Ukrainian brands

When in May the weather prepares surprises for us, and instead of picnics on the grass, the opening of the beach season and parties on summer terraces, the city meets us with wind and rain, do not be upset and reconsider your plans. In the spring weather, you can also have fun, walk around the city and enjoy the most romantic dates in the rain. Just for this, you should get a stylish raincoat that will brighten up the weather conditions and will look as photogenic as possible on Instagram. And we found such raincoats, parks and trench coats from Ukrainian brands.


Rain seemed to freeze on this air raincoat from designer Sofia Rusinovich. It is as if made from ether, but in fact it will not miss a single real drop. The creator of the Roussin brand always puts a certain meaning into each of its models. And here she managed to convey a feeling of joy of lightness from the warm spring weather and new plans and goals.

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May is the time when one of the most trendy colors this season – pink – is manifested in all its glory. The delicate parka with a hood from Anna Yakovenko is made of 100% cotton and, of course, will make not only her mistress, but everyone around her smile at the sun and light spring rain. A cord in the form of twine recalls the sea, a trip to which is not far off.

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Print is another fashion trend in the collections of the spring-summer season of 2017. And the more unusual and “crazier” he is, the better! The austere trench coat from the WHOISIT brand would look too strict if not for the colorful elements that adorn it. Sewn from cotton, viscose and silk, it is perfect for walks on May evenings in the company of friends and, without a doubt, will cheer you up.

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In continuation of the theme of brightness and "colorfulness" we present another creation of Ukrainian designers. These raincoats are not only surprised by their colors – in an incomprehensible way they combine monophonic elements, classic stripes and color ornaments. Particularly noteworthy are the materials from which they are made: light organza and silk – really summer fabrics, and, therefore, it's time to try on this "festive" cloak and go towards the sun.

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Spring and summer are a time of provocations: why not feel a little more relaxed and open than usual? And the amazing transparent parka from the podolyan brand will help in this. Her impeccable classic style might seem too “right”, if not for the “transparent” material from which it is made. Designer Vladimir Podolyan with a non-standard solution turned it into one of the most unusual models of the season.

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The skin

For those who want to stay light and at the same time incredibly elegant. The Skin trench coat with a hood from The Skin was created so that it clearly demonstrates the wonderful taste of its mistress, despite the fact that she does not need to make special efforts for this. It is enough to throw this element of the wardrobe on the shoulders and tie a belt: we will do the rest by ourselves.

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Irina tydnyuk

Freedom and self-confidence – these are the feelings that this raincoat from Irina Tydnyuk gives rise to. Long arrows are not only one of the most fashionable elements of recent times, they also suggest thoughts of brave Amazons. So in this coat it will be much easier to master new beginnings and build the most daring plans.

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Print does not happen much. Especially when it comes to a whole book – a comic book that is written right on you. More precisely, on your new trench coat from Laksmi By Maryana Steshenko. It is made of cotton, which means it is ideal for summer. Even if before you were not a fan of too bright things, this summer is the time to try. Just be prepared that you will be read out!

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Just imagine how amazingly mysterious you will look in rainy weather: it’s as if an invisible cloud will envelop you, on which wet buds of roses will sparkle. And when the rain ends, you can put this transparent Honorova cape raincoat in your purse. That's just for sure you will again want rain to try on this miracle again.

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Masha reva

“Why not go briefly into space?” As if the designer of this cloak were asking. His slightly surrealistic image speaks of the unlimited imagination of his owner, ready to try something completely unusual. No wonder this cloak turned out to be on Megan Fox herself, who posed in it at one of the photo shoots. Impeccable clothing for the stars is now available to you.

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Marianna senchina

One of those examples when you can show yourself from a completely unexpected side without extra effort. This trench coat made from 100% cotton will allow you to surprise and delight others, just by passing by. Those who pay attention to an unusual design solution with wide sleeves, large pockets and ties will definitely look after you … And they will see unimaginable stripes, as if created by an avant-garde artist.

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Beige color is one of the most relevant this season. The pastel tone of this trench symbolizes peace, tranquility and self-confidence. Particular refinement of this model is given by small placers of shiny rhinestones. To the best of strict, but at the same time light trench coat will become indispensable in those days when a business meeting is scheduled for the day, and in the evening – a walk with friends.

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