Screen gloss: the most stylish series of recent times

If you just now have free time to watch the series released last season, you need to urgently catch up. Moreover, the past television season presented us with many impressive stories. We chose those that fascinate not only with the plot, but also with the restrained, refined and vibrant style of the main characters, who have a lot to learn.

"Big little lie"

The television movie from the six series rightfully gained a lot of fans, not only thanks to the intriguing plot, but also the memorable images created by the authors. Alex Fredberg worked on the costumes. It was she who came up with the impeccable style of women from high society living in a small California town. So, the main characters of the series demonstrate not only willpower and an excellent sense of humor, but also great taste.

For the image of Madeline, played by Reese Witherspoon, Fredberg used samples created by expensive brands with big names – Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Carolina Herrera. Sometimes flashy, defiant, but at the same time very elegant outfits suggest that the heroine has an excellent flair for fashion trends. Celeste, the heroine of Nicole Kidman, in contrast, is more restrained. She wears strict and calm dresses from Chloe, Max Mara and The Row. But Renata, in the words of Fredberg herself, is a queen living in a castle on a hill. Her clothes are appropriate – luxurious classics: Stella McCartney, Gucci, Azzedine Alaia, Roland Mouret.


The series is based on the popular in the USA comic strip "Archie", which has been released for more than a dozen years. Costume designer Rebecca Sorensen-Kjelstrup tried to create images in which modernity harmoniously combined with retro. One of the main characters Betty often wears pink dresses in the post-war style. She loves simple, “fresh” things – cardigans, pastel-colored skirts, colorful blouses with collars.

But Veronica and her mother Hermione – the embodiment of glamor with a touch of noir. Elegant and sophisticated dark shades. Next to them, Cheryl, a red-haired manipulator who wears costumes of fiery shades, cannot be missed, and looks as if her image was inspired from the cold clips of Lana Del Rey. The artist bought both clothes in the stores of the Nordstrom and Simons brands. And some things – from unknown designers, which I found on the Etsy website.

"Pretty little Liars"

This series for seven seasons has become a clear fashion tool for American schoolgirls. In the new season, the heroines grew up, and their clothes changed with them. On this occasion, the creators even hired another costume designer who could re-present the girls who were familiar to fans of the show.

Cameron Dale created the images of confident and successful socialite. She bought clothes for Hannah in one of the most fashionable outlets in California. Brands Off Saks and Neiman Marcus say that the girl knows a lot about clothes: she is quite restrained, but even at first glance it is clear that these are expensive things. The heroine prefers skirts and dresses in pastel colors. But Aria prefers a more elaborate and defiant style – skirts with prints, high heels and black blouses with a high collar. Dale bought her clothes at Topshop and Nasty Gal. The brightest heroine of the series is Emily, who often appears in short skirts and shorts. And from shoes chooses uncompromising Louboutins.

"The boss"

The series is based on the biographical book of the same name by Sofia Amoruzo. The owner of the brand Nasty Gal talks about how in 2006 she decided to create her own boutique of vintage clothing. It is not surprising that the iconic things “zero” play a separate role in the series. Costume designer Audrey Fisher admits that she wanted to create very fashionable, but at the same time believable images that match the trends of the past decade.

Among the most memorable designs is the East West leather vest. In her book, Amoruso said that she bought it for $ 9, but Fisher could only find one for 3,500. Other iconic details include Frye leather boots, a blue sweatshirt, red jeans, a silk Japanese bomber jacket and Gucci jacket. The artist found all these things at flea markets and in vintage stores, which, according to her admission, required considerable efforts.

Model Rebels

Vintage fashion is really gaining more momentum. This series was released last fall, but for some reason did not receive proper attention from Ukrainian spectators. We would advise fixing this error. The show tells about the employees of the magazine "News of the Week" – the action takes place in 1969, the heyday of the struggle of women for their rights. Today, the style of that time is back in fashion, and therefore the work of the costume designer was rightly appreciated – the images he created already serve as references for fashionistas around the world.

Among the most popular elements of clothing is a white blouse from Isabel Marant Etoile Ria. It goes well with the plaid skirt Marni – you get a real retro look from the 60s, which really looks relevant in 2017. We must not forget that the time shown in the series is the hippie era. And therefore, on the heroines, you can also see traditional clothes in the Bozo-chic style of bright colors with a psychedelic color. For example, a pink Isolda Niemeyer dress with insane appliqués, which perfectly paired with a similarly colored Miu Miu bag.

"Popular and in love"

The series tells about the usual girl Paige, who, having played the role in the blockbuster, instantly becomes a celebrity. The character of the heroine was created by Cameron Dale, who also worked on the series "Pretty Little Liars." She admits that she had to do a difficult job: in the first episodes, Page is an ordinary girl who dresses like any other student – simple dresses and warm-colored blouses. But after she becomes an actress, she hires a stylist. And then her image changes – it becomes more vivid and demanding.

The artist selected clothes for Page in Bloomingdales and Nordstrom stores, which are popular among American fashionistas. Dale claims that she sought to create not just an “expensive” image, but also add fantasy to it. So, clothes from Barneys, Saks and Neimans appeared on the heroine – not the most standard choice. At times, Page puts on something from J. Crew and Asos. Most of all, she loves evening dresses in bright rich colors, and complements the look with accessories and jewelry from Peggi Li and Lionette. Almost all of her rings and earrings are made of pink gold – the artist claims that today it is the most fashionable material.

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