Plyometrics and yoga: 7 rules of training by Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel

Millennials probably remember Jessica Biel as the basketball-loving Mary from the TV series “Seventh Heaven.” In real life, 38-year-old wife of Justin Timberlake has also always been a fan of this sport. The star also keeps fit through yoga, supplements strength training with plyometrics, and goes in for kickboxing on weekends. Let’s talk more about the fitness regime of the actress.

As a child, Jessica Biel did gymnastics, and as a teenager played football and danced. The star admits that it is precisely because of sports that she is so comfortable in her body.

I know how my muscles feel. Fitness and physical activity help me maintain a healthy relationship with my own body, – said Jessica in an interview with the sports television channel ESPN.

Jessica Biel

The mother of two children still devotes enough time to sports: she easily does a handstand, performs various variations of squats under the guidance of a trainer, or walks along the Hollywood hills with her husband Justin Timberlake. We studied the celebrity’s microblogging and found out what exercises the actress focuses on.

Jessica Biel

Jessica does her best in every workout

Even the actress’s coach, Ben Bruno, is very impressed with her drive to achieve great results.

Want to see something crazy? Jessica does dumbbell squats and does six reps. Don’t think we didn’t do this exercise just once for the video; this was her third approach and I make her do it regularly. It’s really a miracle that she hasn’t fired me yet – wrote on Instagram Bruno.

Balance comes first

Here Jessica demonstrates to fans that you can eat cake, while doing lunges. What do you know about multitasking? This video was made during the filming of the TV series “Cruel Summer”. Even in between scenes, the actress was able to perform several exercises.

She has been doing yoga for many years

Jessica has been practicing yoga for 12 years.

I started doing yoga on the advice of a close friend who was an instructor. At first I thought, “I can’t get into all these crazy positions,” and I still can’t, but I’m not competing with anyone. I want to demystify yoga and tell a lot of people about it, this practice is actually not as intimidating as many suggest,

She said.

Jessica Biel

I have spent so many years of my young life playing football, running and doing gymnastics. I literally destroyed my body … When I got older, I realized that I could not continue in the same spirit, – said the actress in an interview with Shape.

Then she turned her attention to yoga.

Breathwork helps me feel that I am connecting my mind and breath to different movements. I like that you are with yourself in yoga. Nobody yells at me to give my best, because sometimes I want to sit quietly and lie in shavasana for 20 minutes, – Beal admitted.

Beal says self-care has become more important to her since she gave birth to her first child. At the same time, the reasons why she values ​​physical activity (including yoga) have changed, and with this, motivation has changed.

I realized that I shouldn’t focus on how the body should look in a bikini. I just want to be healthy. I want my joints and ligaments to feel good and my body as a whole to be normal so that I can have fun with my family. It takes many years to truly begin to accept yourself. I believe that the philosophy of yoga and the yoga community is not in what form you are; not how you look; in fact it is about health. Yoga gave me confidence – said the star in the same interview.

She trains with loved ones

Whether it’s the help of a coach or her husband, Jessica knows the value of a good training buddy. In this video, Justin helps Jessica perform a handstand. According to the couple, they are big fans of gym dating and have had such romantic dates on more than one occasion.

Jessica likes exercises that challenge her body

Jessica targets all muscle groups with complex exercises such as squats, which work the core, legs, and glutes and strengthen the stabilizing muscles (hamstrings). In this video, Jessica is doing several exercises in combination with a dumbbell raise.

To work out the abdominal muscles, she does exercises: Russian twist, hanging leg raises and twisting. Three workouts are devoted to work with different, sometimes heavy weights: a barbell, kettlebells and dumbbells.

Plyometrics are another part of her fitness routine

This type of training develops power (strength plus speed). This does not require special equipment, it is enough to have a flight of stairs of 20 steps in the house. Jess jumps up 1-2 steps, then goes down and starts over.

Jessica Biel

You can replace the ladder with exercises with TRX loops. Jumping and losing pace isn’t easy, but it’s also a surefire way to burn calories and improve your athletic performance. One might sweat just watching this actress boomerang in which she does a few jump squats.

She likes to go hiking

Jessica loves to do outdoor workouts. She is known to go hiking in the Los Angeles hills. In 2010, she made an 8-day hike and climbed to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, 5,895 meters high, as part of a project to raise awareness of the global crisis.

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